Mcdonalds Case Assignment

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McDonalds Case Assignment for Marketing
Sheridan College

S.W.O.T Analysis:
* McDonalds is the largest restaurant organization in the world * Operates over 35,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries on six continents * Recognized well by people around the world

* Well respected brand
* Good in restaurant operations, real estate, retailing, marketing and franchising * Affordable food prices
* Good marketing strategies
* Sales are growing frequently
* Easily accessible and located in populated areas
* Considered and also proved unhealthy
* Bad reputation for flavoring fries with beef extract
* Low quality of food.
* Considered as a source of obesity
* Favorite target for people who express anti-globalization attitudes * Not favored to eat on regular basis
* Try to make the menu more nutritious and healthier for kids and etc. * Try making products with less fat and more flavor even if it increases the prices of the products * Try having a separate menu for 100% vegetarian people. * Get more involved in the community and etc. Sponsor or support different sport teams or local community sport teams * Try having more charity events to get more positive reputation from the people * Try being more green and support the environment.

* Make restaurants environment and the menu more cultural according to the country they are located in. * Try creating a friendlier environment, Serve customers with more class and respect. Threats:

* Other competitors might take advantage of our bad reputation. For example, burger king, subway and etc. * Changes in cost of products might make McDonalds more expensive. * People might convert to healthier food in the future.

B. Market Segmentation
Demographics | Age | 2 years and older |
 | Gender | Males and Females |
 | Income...
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