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Communicate Change
With McDonald’s change to refocus their product lines, they must reevaluate their consumer to understand what the consumer wants, needs, and overall goals. A more health focus consumer base will be more concerned with what they are ingesting into their bodies for fuel and will select restaurants that are aligned with their over goals. To reevaluate their consumers, McDonald’s needs to change the way in which they conducting market research and aligning their products with their consumers. To communicate this change, the CMO will communicate this through an annual report/memorandum in which managers in the marketing areas can either forward to their employees or hold a meeting to discuss. The following is an example of the memo that would be sent out to inform of the change from the CMO: 8/15/12

Dear Marketing Team Members,
In today’s current markets, McDonald’s is faced with a challenging but rewarding transition in how we conduct business and generate revenue. As you are already aware, our organization is starting a new change process dubbed, “Back to the basics” which is aimed at getting McDonald’s back to our roots by providing excellent service, products, and dining experience. This change, while complex, is simple in nature which is to provide the consumer what they want. It’s important to offer consumers a clean dining experience but also the foods that they want to purchase to help them provide fuel to their bodies. It has been determined that our organization has lost sight of this and has expanded our products far and wide to where it is hard to manage all the different foods and in some aspects are not in McDonald’s scope of offerings. We need to reevaluate our offerings by getting...
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