Marketing Plan Phase 4

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Marketing Plan Phase IV
January 15, 2012
Donald “Skip” Gregory

Marketing Plan Phase IV

(Online Marketing Trends, 2011).

The Brass Tacks
* Price: $24 Billion in annual revenue
* Place: 33,000 local restaurants, 119 Worldwide with around 80% independently owned * Promotion: Internet, television, radio, newspaper, magazines * Product: Food and beverages
McDonald’s mission is, “To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat” (McDonald’s Inc., 2012). Since 1955 McDonald’s have been building a multinational and multicultural international business that satisfies customer’s Worldwide (McDonald’s Inc., 2012). McDonald's is the leading global food service retailer with more than 64 million people served daily in 119 different countries (McDonald’s Corp., 2011). More than 80% of McDonald’s restaurants are owned and operated by independent local men and women (McDonald’s Corporation, 2011). McDonald’s restaurants are Worldwide and some of the different places have their own specialty products (McDonald’s Corp., 2011). McDonald’s has been working hard to create the goods and service experience that will keep customer’s coming back. The Plan-to-Win they have been using to market their products consists of focusing on people, products, place, price, and promotion (McDonald’s Corporation, 2011). So far the current marketing plan has been working to launch McDonald’s to the forefront of fast-food suppliers in the World. McDonald’s is innovative and uses every promotional opportunity to meet its goal to be the World’s favorite place to eat. The company is connecting with customers through the many social networking sites like You Tube, Twitter, and Face Book. Although McDonald’s has a basic menu, it caters to the different tastes of consumers around the World.

The McVeggie Burger

(Betty Crocker, 2011).
The vegetarian and the health conscious consumers need a new quick place to eat. McDonald’s can market a new product called the McVeggie. The McVeggie will be made with a fresh garden veggie patty, and it will be offered on a whole wheat or white bun. Customers will have the choice of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, along with mustard, mayo, and ketchup. Offering the McVeggie as a value meal with a drink and either fries, carrot sticks, or apple slices at one great low price will help market this exciting new product. The McVeggie will also be available as single or a double burger. The McVeggie burger will be the first step to a whole new healthy way for the vegetarian to get fast food on-the-go.

McVeggie SWOTT Analysis

(HRM Advice, 2012).
Veggie burgers have come a long way since their first offerings in restaurants. High protein content without the risk of red meat is one benefits vegetarians can enjoy (Collins, 2005). Lower saturated fat content for larger serving sizes is another attractive quality for veggie burgers (Collins, 2005). If the veggie burgers are higher in soy, the protein content is high without the health risks associated with consuming red meats (Collins, 2005). Offering a vegetarian option for burger lovers will allow McDonald’s to offer heart-healthy eating options for current customers as well as attract a new customer base with something other than salads.

Flavor, texture, and price can kill a veggie burger campaign. McDonald’s faces a challenge when deciding to offer a veggie burger option. Consumers expect high quality for a low cost from McDonald’s, and the expectation will be no different for the veggie burger. Ensuring the burgers are prepared with high quality ingredients while maintaining a low price tag will be a challenge. The texture of the burgers will also be a challenge because they are oftentimes squishy and fall apart. Flavor cannot be left out of the mix of challenges in this venture, either. If the burgers do not meet the taste standards the consumer is searching for the texture and price will not matter.

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