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McDonald’s Altered Brand Image by Sponsoring London Olympics 20123
McDonald’s Publicity Crisis3
Why Choose Olympics3
A Success Sponsorship4
How McDonald’s Define Brand Elements4
Adding Value to the Brand by Special London Olympics Logo5
Associating Brand Elements with Healthy and Environmental Concept6
Building Emotional Connections7
Communicating the Brand8
Integrated Marketing Communication9
Tailored Promotions11

McDonald’s Sponsorship in London Olympics 2012 - How the Brand was Defined and Communicated Introduction
Event marketing is being viewed as an increasingly important marketing tool of a company’s product or service (Taranto, 1998; Shiu, 1995). Event marketing refers to an attempt to co-ordinate the communication around a created or sponsored event. In event marketing the event is an activity that gathers the target group in time and space; a meeting in which an experience is created and a message communicated”. (Behrer and Larsson, 1998). In the USA, the growth of event marketing is three times faster than the growth of advertising. There are three main reasons for the increasing use of event marketing: first, the economic incentives to find new and unconventional ways of communication have increased; second, the higher demand on companies’ marketing have risen; third, the knowledge and experience of marketing via events have been increased and systemized (Behrer and Larsson, 1998). As the increasing usage of event marketing, the topic of how to use event marketing successfully has been more and more interested by marketers. McDonald’s has a long history in event marketing, and some of the event marketing cases were rewarded one of the best event programs by Event Marketer Magazine's Ex Awards in 2012. McDonald’s has been sponsored Olympic Games for over 40 years (McDonald’s official website, 2013). McDonald’s sponsorship of London Olympic Games 2012 is used as a case in this report, to analyze how McDonald’s brand elements are defined and communicated to the target audiences. The first part of this report is a brief introduction of McDonald’s sponsorship program. In the second part, how is McDonald’s brand elements are defined is analyzed. The communication tactics of the brand to the target audiences is discussed in the third part. McDonald’s Altered Brand Image by Sponsoring London Olympics 2012 McDonald’s Publicity Crisis

As the increasing healthy awareness among the consumer, more and more consumers refuse fast food because fast food is conventionally perceived unhealthy. There are 60.8% of adults and 31.1% of children are overweight in the UK (Alford, 2012). Some UK consumers have accused McDonald’s because they thought McDonald’s helps increase the growing of obesity epidemic. More over, McDonald’s also faced marketing controversy via social media. In the early 2012, McDonald’s did a social media promotion on Twitter, which was to encourage people to tweet their favorite McDonald’s stories using hashtags. However, this promotion became an utter fail because the company received stories about finding worms in their meals and serious health conditions from the food (Alford, 2012). In order to improve McDonald’s public image and alter people’s perception about McDonald’s food, the marketing director decided to deliver a healthy and nutritious food image through the London Olympics 2012 sponsorship (Eccles, 2012). Why Choose Olympics

There are two major reasons for McDonald’s choosing Olympic games as the event: first, the big target audience coverage; and second, Olympics games are associated with positive and healthy lifestyle which comply with the brand image that McDonald’s expected to build up. Meenaghan (1983) implies that target audience coverage is a valuable event selection criterion. McDonald’s is one of the largest international fast food brands, and it has more than 34,000 stores...
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