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Topics: Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth of Nations, Australia Pages: 5 (1459 words) Published: October 5, 2012
The Commonwealth Games in Melbourne was held from 15 to 26 March 2006, it was the largest multi-nation sporting event of that year in Australia, 71 countries and 4500 athletes participated in total of 26 sports and 24 disciplines over 10 days of period (Lockstone, 2008). Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, and it’s the capital city of Victoria, known as the city of fashion, gastronomy, greening, entertainment and sports event. Melbourne has named the world’s most livable city by Population Action International 10 times during 1990 to 2006 (Buxton, 2007). Melbourne has these good images is because the right marketing strategies used to promote the city and the most successful marketing strategy used in Melbourne is the event strategy. This essay provides a secondary analysis of how marketing strategies leading the 2006 Commonwealth Games achieve success and impact to the event destination, Melbourne. By marketing of a destination through events can promote the city and attract more tourists from domestic and international. There are three options to marketing the destination by using events to create an attractive image of the city (Frost, 2011). These three options are reinforcement, repackaging and reimagining. Reinforcement is using an already existing image of the destination in events, in this way this image will be reinforced or strengthened in tourists’ mind also can amongst potential travelers (Frost,2011). 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was used the existing tourism images in the event. Great wall and Tiananmen Square these two iconic buildings were used as symbols for the Olympic (Frost,2011). Repackaging is events used to enhance or highlight the images of the destination, but these images are not well known by tourists, after the repackaging these places might become well-known places and attract tourist to visit, for example, The Formula 1 Grand Prix is race at night in Singapore, this create opportunity for Singapore to link the event to its other night time attractions, such as night club restaurants, by using this strategy Singapore has become an ‘Events and Entertainment Capital’ (Frost, 2011). Reimagining is using events to create a totally new image for the destination, and attract people to enjoy the event visit the city; a good example for this option is the UFO town in USA (Frost, 2011). In this essay, these three strategy options will linked to the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, and analysis the application of these options to this event.

The Commonwealth Games is an international sports event involving the Commonwealth of Nations (Preuss, 2007). In terms of size and profile, Commonwealth Games are the third biggest event in the world that are only behind the Olympics and World Cup. The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Canada, 11 countries sent 400 athletes to take part in 6 sports and 59 events. Since then, the games have been held every four years except due to World War 2. The games was called ‘The British Empire Games’ at that time, in 1954 it changed to ‘British Empire and Commonwealth Games’, 1970 changed again to ‘British Commonwealth Games’, and in 1978 it become ‘The Commonwealth Games’ until now (Preuss, 2007). The Commonwealth Games is holds by the Commonwealth Games Federation and it supported by Royal Britain. The Commonwealth Games Federation has the spirits of humanity, equality and destiny, and those spirits shows on every decision the Federation makes. The vision of the Federation is ‘to promote a unique, friendly, world class Games and to develop sport for the benefit of the people, the nations and territories of the Commonwealth and thereby strengthen the Commonwealth’ (Preuss, 2007). There are also many other stakeholders in the Commonwealth Games that includes, athletes, spectators, operators of businesses, medias, government and so on (Lockstone, 2008). This essay, the main discussion will focus on 2006 Commonwealth Games that was held in...
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