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Topics: Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games Pages: 6 (2045 words) Published: May 30, 2011
Title: Implicit side of the Olympic Games: The Past, Present and Future of Olympic Marketing. Summary: This dissertation is dedicated to the analysis of Olympic marketing as the implicit side of Olympic movement; evaluation of past, present and future profiles of Olympic marketing. Research literature review

There’s a list of research papers dedicated to commercialization of sports in general. At the same time, there’s apparent deficit of studies, dedicated directly to the problem of Olympic marketing, due to the specificity and complexity of the field. Many of them, besides are out-of-date researches. Different aspects of marketing in Olympics appear described in various sources. Though a problem of Olympic marketing is discussed in a list of books and articles, none of them provides ultimate analysis of the phenomenon. It could be explained by the rapid changes in Olympic marketing itself and probable deficit of research data. To exemplify the thesis, one could mention that many studies related to Olympic marketing appear outdated already before they are published. Most of the papers provide, hence, a pure theoretical analysis of the research field. At the same time there is a certain deficit of quantitative researches. There are practically no research books and articles describing the structure of Olympic marketing, its financial revenues and their distribution, peculiarities of Games’ staging, profiles of major sponsors, etc. Monographs and multi-authors books

Brenda Pitts and David Stotlar (Pitts et al, 1996) analyze sports marketing in their comprehensive research “Fundamentals of Sport Marketing”. The study is dedicated to the overall analysis of commerce in sports, its history and modern tendencies. The authors analyze the reasons of sports and marketing’s rapprochement and assess according contributions of business and sports. The researches also define differences of sports marketing from the other forms of promotion in diverse spheres, define the most specific features of sports marketing. The authors focus on several most important aspects of sports marketing, i.e.: development of marketing strategy in sports; clarifying the needs and goals of sports organization and evaluation the ways how a sponsor could contribute it; implementation of comprehensive marketing plans through sponsorship, licensing, ticketing, advertising, etc. The book provides both theoretical and practical data concerning sports marketing. The authors discuss historical aspects of sports marketing, as well as its presence and future, evaluate the general paradigm of sports marketing. Researchers also introduce the fundamentals of marketing inquiry including the basics of segmentation, targeting, and positioning in sport business, etc. Though the book itself is one of the most thorough and all-round analysis of the problem, the paradigm of Olympic marketing is less examined in the research. As a result, a reader could only learn the fundamentals of sports marketing in general, while Olympic marketing has several significant differences. The research of Mulin et al, 2000, is believed to be a groundbreaking text in the field pf sport marketing and management. The primary asset of the book lies in presenting of a new perspective of sports marketing. The authors didn’t just apply the general theory of marketing to sports; instead, they developed a new study of sports marketing based on their own experience. The research focuses on a special nature of sports marketing in a global perspective and the reasons of commercialization in sports environment (1); definition of consumers’ audience and marketing segmentation (2); licensing and pricing strategies of sports marketing (3); specificity of marketing sponsorship (4), etc. The real life examples, besides, make the study extremely valuable to a critical reader. Mulin et al, 2000, focuses on development and management of all-round marketing strategy in sports that includes advertising and...
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