Tourism Australia: Advertising Campaigns

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Tourism Australia: ‘There’s nothing like Australia’

The people of Australia are friendly and straight talking and open. Their sense of mateship and their no worries attitude make all visitors feel welcome. They make it easy to enjoy adventures beyond imagination. Whether it’s in Australia’s wide-open landscapes, pristine oceans or vibrant cities a holiday in Australia is an opportunity to experience a vast yet accessible adventure playground. You don’t just visit Australia, you live it. (Tourism Brand Positioning Statement) Advertising campaigns play vital roles in the tourism industry of Australia. Australia’s tourism brand statement affirms the strengths and associations which makes it unique and significant. With the tourism industry, not only do international countries need to be engaged by the campaign nationwide as well. The advertisement campaign ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ follows this idea through its use of television, print and website advertisements broadcasted which have been designed to be long lasting and flexible. The campaign has been driven through two phases starting with its slogan and the nation’s feedback on their favourite destinations within Australia and what Australia means to them, followed then by highlighting the best experiences in the advertisements. The campaign hints at the uniqueness of our country and leads the viewer into believing there really quite is nothing like Australia. It is successful as a campaign as it has markets itself through TV, print and websites and holds a slogan which is to be sustainable, its formatting by using lyrics to tie in with its brand positioning of Australian’s being friendly and straight talking open people and by improving the campaigns slogan to disapprove of risen stereotypes of previous campaigns causing cultural cringe. Australia’s tourism brand is a main building block for its success as a campaign by targeting the audience. They have positioned the brand to be unique with using...
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