Contiki Australia

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Table of Contents.

1. Executive Summary3
2. Case Analysis3
2.1 Introduction and background.3
2.2 Contiki’s image.3
2.2 Marketing strategies used to create value for target market.4
3. Economic downturn.5
4. Conclusion6
5. References.6

1. Executive Summary

This case study discusses, the marketing strategies Contiki Australia utilizes in order to provide superior value to its customers and in return gain profitable benefits. Their marketing strategies core theme is to create superior customer value. The case study reveals the trend of how the youth in particular, Generation Y (people born between 1977 and 1994) like to travel and what drives, motivates and inspires young travellers. Contiki Australia fulfils their target customers needs , wants and demands in this case provides coach trips for 18-35 year olds , with the emphasis on nightlife entertainment, scenic attractions , socialising and adventures.

2. Case Analysis
2.1 Introduction and background.

Contiki Australia formed in 1962 is a coach tour company providing fun, adventurous and organised tours targeted for the youth aged between 18 and 35. It provides their customers the value of an organised trip packed with activities, tours and with a flexibility to be able to choose optional activities and excursions. This paper evaluates how marketing is used to provide value to customers as well as how Contiki fulfils customers’ needs with the understanding of its target marketplace.

2.2 Contiki’s image.

The image Contiki portrays to its target audience is of a company that offers young people hassle free tours full of fun, adventures, with a mixture of visiting various attractions , experiencing different cultures and an opportunity to meet people of their age , making lasting memories and friendship along the way. Just a glance of their website – – shows that it is a one stop shop for organising immense getaways whether it be travelling overseas or a local short retreat. It is packed with vast information on their tours, travel trips, latest deals, things to know and newsletters. All the information packed in one place portrays a hassle free environment for the target audience as they can organise everything under one roof as well as gain information about their choices without seeking further sources of information.

The caption at the website says “Contiki –Holidays for 18-35’s”. Straight away this caption gives a sense of belonging to youths visiting the website. It showcases that the Contiki’s website is the right place for youths to organise their trips. As generation Y is the internet generation the website further proves a good image to Contiki. The internet is now perceived to be the modern way to accomplish goals. The community trip forums prove a real time feedback on services provided by Contiki. The forum can promote a positive image on Contiki’s services. For example a young travel commenting and blogging about his first-class travel experience using Contiki’s services can be a good boost to Contiki’s image. The rapid emergence of social media from personal blogs is now a powerful force in marketing, with both positive and negative impacts on a firm’s image and perceived value. (Kotler, 2007).

Past customers’ experiences also portray the image of contiki being able to provide the security and peace of mind of a highly organised trip. Parents often have fear of letting their children travel on their own, Contiki’s reputation as a major tour operator portrays a safe happy tour experience. Offering a safe environment in an exotic place and highly organised itineraries provide assurance for young people and their parents. People often rely on a company’s reputation before choosing their service, for instance a company’s positive reputation and positive image often gains a positive market value.

2.2 Marketing strategies used...
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