Book Review of the Olympic Games Effect

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Book Review: The Olympic Games Effect

The book: The Olympic Games Effect wrote by John A. Davis, is mainly discussing about the sport market, especially the Olympic market. The book made a key contribution to learning the economics of the Olympics, marketing of the Olympics. It is really help marketers to understand how brands promote in such a huge event.

The author explains his idea in five different sections: the first, History, Legacy, Tradition; the second, Success and Achievement; the third, Controversy and Challenge; the forth, Reputation Development; and the fifth, Olympic Marketing Victory. In different aspect, he analysis how the big brand - the Olympic effect our lives, how it attracts such a numbers of athletes, media workers, audiences, TV viewers and so much companies put their money into the event to sponsor it. I summarize several important points from this book which I will list as follows.

Section 1: History, Legacy, Tradition

This part explains why the Olympic is the special one, the phenomenon. Because the Olympic Games is more than a sports event, it is comes from the ancient Greek, it is a wonderful legacy that our ancestor left to us, it is all about tradition, human spirit, competition, just like it’s motto: Faster, Higher, Stronger. It represents the basic human good from inward.
The slogan of London 2012 Olympics is Inspire a Generation, the slogan of Beijing 2008 Olympics is One World, One Dream. We can catch the idea from these slogans, it is not just an athletic competition, and it is greater than that. People inspired from our ancestor, by those heroes, myths, legends in the history in history of this game.

Once a company becomes a sponsor of the Olympic Games, it will be a good fit for the company’s core value, is there some other way that better than the Olympics’ spirits playing this role?

The Olympics Games could bring more to us, at this every 2-year feast (include both summer and winter Olympics) we could acquire not economical profits, but also some other benefits in religion or political aspects. For example, North Korea Olympic team join South Korea Olympic team as companion at the Olympic opening ceremony at Beijing 2008; the United States Man soccer team played a fantastic game with Iran Man soccer team several days later, no matter the leaders from these countries are having some political difference at that time. When we saw woman athletes from Middle East took part in the 100 meter race with kerchief, I may think it funny but at meanwhile I celebrate for the women freedom in these countries. When we see injured athletes still in the game, when we see handicapped athletes trying to be excellent in the field, I believe once a company becomes a sponsor of the Olympic Games, it will be a good fit for the company’s core value, is there some other way that better than the Olympics’ spirits playing this role?

The Olympic could also offer the host city; even the whole nation could get huge benefits from it. A success Olympic Game means number of venues, new facilities, thousands of work opportunities, volunteers, hotel and food, media support, security and others, that is all relate to investment and revenue. The whole event start from the moment that Chairman of International Olympic Committee announced which city will hold the Olympic, which was seven years before the actually opening. Or we can say the work has already started when the nation decided to apply the Olympic Game.

I have been through the whole seven years from the moment Samaranch announced that Beijing holds the 2008 Summer Olympic Games to the moment that Olympic Flag was given to the Mayor of London. I lived in Beijing and almost to be a volunteer of that game. I can tell the changes...
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