Interpretation Planning and Design at the Adelaide Central Market .

Topics: Tourism, Adelaide, South Australia Pages: 38 (9163 words) Published: February 14, 2013
TOUR 8115 Essentials of Interpretation

Assignment 3: Interpretation Planning and Design at the Adelaide Central Market

Prepared for: Katherine Sutcliffe
Submitted: 30/11/2012

Anna Chiappini   2104962
2nd semester 2012
Flinders University

i.Executive Summary
The purpose of this report, produced as part in the participation to “the Essentials of Interpretation” Topic at Flinders University, is to plan and design a new interpretation panel for Adelaide Central Market, one of the most important local heritage items of the City of Adelaide, after the analysis of the effectiveness of its actual interpretation.

The analysis has covered the identification of the target audience of the site: multicultural, cross-generational, with different levels of income and education, but basically formed by “Streakers” (Sutcliffe, 2012), whose attention is generally hard to maintain and need appealing interpretation forms; the sense of place has been captured considering the observation of visitors at the Market and my personal experience: it results in a cosmopolitan, familiar, safe and enjoyable place, but rather poorly maintained. The stakeholders and partners identified comprise organisations, associations and individuals such as the Community Engagement Board, the Government of South Australia, the South Australian Tourism Industry Council, the South Australian Tourism Commission, Adelaide’s tour operators, Adelaide City Council, business associations, visitors, residents and employees.

The interpretation mechanisms applied included panels, banners, flyers, brochures, guided tours, online content, fabrication and market products themselves, stalls and shops: as many of them seemed to be more informative than properly interpretative tools, the potential of interpretation at Adelaide Central Market seems not fully exploited.

The development of a new interpretation panel for the Adelaide Central Market is crucial in order to communicate the site as one of the most important City attractions and significance items. It will be targeted principally to Australian and international tourists that visit the Market for pleasure more than for shopping or to people that would like to know more about the Market directly on site, since this is not a well-reached audience.

The new panel’s design considers the topics, themes and sub-themes identified at a State, regional and site level, which briefly shows the authenticity and significance of the Market, its historical, economic and cultural importance, its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its role as a city attraction, a place for leisure time and contributor to the city’s environmental sustainability at “the heart of the city”. The copy is simple, personal and relevant, characterised by many short paragraphs which visitors can read entirely or just partly. The evocative pictures inserted help to understand the messages of the Market, avoiding the use of too many words and helping visitors to feel in the right place. The new location of the panel allows reaching the right target and giving coherence and order to all the interpretation forms identified. The white background helps to grab attention.

The recommendations formulated for the new interpretative panel aim to effectively tell the stories of the place, reaching “an integrated approach to heritage interpretation and tourism development that should add value to the visitor experience and foster heritage protection” (James & Wild, 2008 – p. 208).


The purpose of this report is to analyse the current interpretation at Adelaide Central Market: themes and interpretative mechanisms used, target audience identified, stakeholders and partners involved. According to this analysis, the final aim of the report is to plan and develop a new interpretative panel in order to fill the actual gaps encountered.

The following report will consist of two parts: Part A and Part B.

Part A will focus...
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