Positioning and Brand Loyalty

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Positioning and Brand Loyalty
Shelane Edie
SRM 410: Contemporary Issues in Sports Marketing & Management Date: December 03, 2012

This is assignment is to demonstrate and summarize three sports products that have a large or high degree of brand loyalty. Shank, 2009 said, “Fixing a sports entity in the minds of consumers in the target market. I choose Nike, Spalding and Life fitness gym/sports equipment(s). These sports product(s) that is identify demonstrate high degree of brand loyalty to its customer(s). Word of mouth plays a vital role in the increase of brand loyalty towards sports product. With these sports products living up to their customers’ expectation ad performance level, tend to boost the brand loyalty in the sports products market. Mainly, because most customers are motivated/encourage by the products performance, this makes them become egger to buy the product and join the bag-wagon of having the product. This gives the marketers the perfect opportunity as they carryout endorsement for their products, which they can easily manipulate the customers to want to feel apart of the crowd or even something. Brand loyalty takes a lot of time and patience to build among customer, therefore as marketers try to sell their products and look favorable in the eyes of their customer, they must make use of effective brand positioning with is delivered to the market through a marketing mix, which consists of: product strategy, pricing strategy, promotion strategy, and distribution strategy, with these implemented over time customer will become loyalty to their products. Nike one of the largest running sports product supporter since the 1900’s and still favored by its customers for it comfort, durability and affordable. According to Kotler &Armstrong (2008), states, “over the past several decades, Nike has built the Nike swoosh into one of the world’s best-known brand symbols. Nike’s outstanding success results from much more than just making and...
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