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2.What do you consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Most of the time I am indecisive; specially when faced with sudden choices. This is because I prefer to weigh each option: advantages vs. disadvantages cost vs. benefit. But there are times when I also act impulsively, following my gut feeling rather than the reasoning of my mind. I am also a perfectionist, which is why I prefer doing things on my own rather than delegating it to others. With this, I am doing my job at my own pace, and without having to worry about consulting with or explaining to a partner/teammate. I also get to review my work along the way, making revisions when I see fit and being fully capable of answering my supervisor's questions about my work once reviewed at that level. I can work under pressure, since it would enable me to push myself into doing my best. However, the sense of urgency for the completion of my report would oftentimes drive me into a mild panic, to the point that the reliability of my work would be compromised due to lack of time for validation.

8.What made you choose this field?
Business courses have always been the most practical programs for me, since it is easier to look for and get a job when you have a Business Degree. Hence, enrolling for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration is a more practical and sensible option for me, compared to taking up a Master’s Degree in Information Technology. I am not really sure, but the latter would probably require me to have a Bachelor’s Degree on any IT-related courses. In addition, I have some vague plans on starting up a business in jewelry-making. It would require a lot of capital, true, but I can start small with simple beads and wire. So an education in Business Administration would guide me on the path I should take on my future business. Lastly, as I have mentioned before, having an MBA can give me an edge in applying for a job abroad, since most companies would recognize a Master’s Degree...
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