Mb0039– Business Communication

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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MB0039– Business Communication - 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1128)
Assignment Set- 2 (60 Marks)

Q 2.Explain the difference between corporate and product advertising. Give two examples of corporate advertising with two different objectives.

Q 3.You have been asked to make a presentation on Edunxt, the technology enabled learning platform, to prospective students. Develop an outline of a presentation, explaining your choice of visual aids and your style of delivery.

Q 4.Imagine that you have bought a pack of ready to eat food manufactured and marketed by a well-known Fast Moving Consumer Goods multi-national, during your regular weekly visit to a neighbouring supermarket. On opening the pack, you find to your dismay that the contents are spoilt and are not in a condition to be eaten. Write a routine claim letter to the Vice President, Marketing of the company, asking for an adjustment or some kind of action.

Q 5.As a student of management, write a report to the Director of your institute, suggesting how the library facilities and procedures may be improved.

Q 6. Case Study (10 marks).
The Power of Nonverbal Communication
Soon after I graduated from engineering college, I accepted a position with the Sundaram Foundry, a medium-sized firm located in a small town in Tamil Nadu. It was a good position, since I was the assistant to Mr. Vishwanath, the General Manager and president of this family owned company, Although there were many technical problems, the work was extremely interesting and I soon learnt all about the foundry business.

The foundry workers were mostly older men and were a closely knit team. Many of them were related and had been in the foundry for several years. Therefore, they felt that they knew the business in and out and that a technical education had no value. In fact, Mr. Vishwanath had mentioned to me even at the time of my joining, that I was the only engineer ever to be employed in the foundry. He also let me know that the...
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