Business Communication D2

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Business Communication – D2
D2: Evaluate the effectiveness of business information and its communication as key contributors to the success of an organisation, using examples to illustrate your points

In this assignment I will be evaluating the effectiveness of business information and its communication as key contributors to the success of an organisation. Verbal Communication
Tesco PLC uses verbal communication every day in its stores, offices – when communicating by phone and when meeting are being held. Tesco PLC are so successful due to the fact that they use verbal communication to the best of their ability this means that when there are problems that need to be resolved quickly Tesco PLC will sort it out verbally as its face to face which allows any problem to be sorted out quickly as you will answer questions immediately and it’ll be easier to explain as you can use facial expressions and hand gestures to explain something. Verbal communication is effective for Tesco PLC as in their stores customers will always have questions and queries that they want answered, by using verbal communication when dealing with customers in store it allows the organisation to deal with the questions as quickly as possible which will save time and money instead of answering questions via email or letter which will waste too much time and also waste money. Tesco PLC relies heavily on verbal communication for most of its formal meetings with its staff as the leading manager will explain their topics/issues verbally so their staff understand what is expected of them and so answers in the meetings can be answered as quickly as possible because the manager won’t have enough time for too many meetings in a year as they will also deal with other issues in the organisation. Tesco PLC and most of it rivals like Asda and Sainsbury’s all use the same method when using verbal communication, the method is that when there are small matters that can be dealt quickly they will use their managers to solve these problems quickly by dealing with these matters verbally to make sure the problem is resolved. At the moment Tesco PLC is the leading supermarket store in the UK, you could argue that the companies effective communication skills have made Tesco PLC the best as they have got their customers trust by using their communication skills effectively. Asda and Sainsbury’s also have effective communication skills but they are not on Tesco PLC’s levels as their profit is not as good as Tesco PLC which means they might have to address some issues e.g. using verbal communication more often in its stores. Verbal communication does have its disadvantages though which are: - There are no records of the conversation, which means the organisation or individual won’t be able to refer to the conversation as there are no hard copies just words said by both parties. - Conversation might be misunderstood e.g. in a meeting there might be foreign shareholder which might not get what is being said to them. The biggest advantage of verbal communication is that questions can be dealt immediately by Tesco PLC, as they are such a big organisation the company will do anything to deal with small matters quickly. Tesco PLC’s verbal communication has made the company successful as they are trusted by their customers for solving problems quickly and ensuring that the customer always comes first. Written Communication

Written communication contributes to Tesco PLC’s success as written communication is things like leaflets advertising Tesco PLC products, letters, emails etc. Leaflets which are part of written communication have helped Tesco PLC advertise...
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