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Topics: Human resource management, Aluminium, Talent management Pages: 58 (12441 words) Published: May 31, 2013







ROLL NO.:- MBA-12-024



I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all the employees of Smelter Plant, Nalco, Angul. Also I am indebted for the rich guidance, knowledge and suggestions provided by my faculty guide Prof. JyotirmayeeAcharya and Dr. BadalRath.

I am grateful to Mr.A.K.Ray( Manager (HRD) ) for his earnest coordination and guidance owing to which, the project could be successfully completed.


Place: Nalco Nagar (KIRAN BALA SAHU)


I, KiranBalaSahu, do hereby declare that the project report entitled “Talent Management in NALCO” being submitted to SRI SRI University–FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES ,is my own piece of work and it has not been submitted to any other institute or published at any time before.

Kiran Bala Sahu

Roll No. : MBA-12-024




To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that this piece of project work on “Talent Management” with specific reference to Smelter Plant, NALCO, Angul prepared by Ms. KiranBalaSahu, is her original work under my guidance & supervision for partial fulfillment of Masters’ Degree in Business Administration under SRI SRI UNIVERSITY – FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES.

Ms. Kiran has undertaken the study and collected data & information from various sources for preparation of this project report. The report is found to be satisfactory and useful.

(A.K Ray) Manager(HRD)



As we are moving towards the 21st century, the world is becoming global market place for all the companies. The post liberalization, economic scenario has brought now challenges of corporate restructuring for the Indian companies. The impact of these changes is experienced by all sectors of the industries and across the countries. Thus the management industries have started taking half steps to combat the present recession in techno soft cut down on staff in the voluntary retirement scheme (VSR), managing with meager staff or contact based human resource, diversification, technology reformation and the most significant to develop an image of “made in India ” through quality revolution . All such major change initiative generally implemented in the companies does not take into account the people factor and Indian value and belief system. This present industrial scenario has caused a feeling of insecurity in the mind of human resource working here. People are overburdened and work under tremendous tension trying to meet the needs of highly competitive work environment and work pressure like translating new designs in strength into finished defect free products, slash delivery times without compromising on costs, speed or product standards which the customer wants etc. thus adversely affecting the mental and physical health of the most important effect of an organization i.e. Human Resource. One of the tools suggested in the paper for regular exercise, which can help to relieve the tension and thus aid in mental relaxation, and led to dull utilization of each individual’s capacity along with physical fitness. Also human resource development grid model has been selected to emphasize the effect of concern for mental and physical health of people and concern for task in any organization to achieve total quality much required for work class competitiveness.

Human Resource Management relate to the function of managing people from lower level to upper level of the organization and...
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