Ihrm Assignment 1

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Management Pages: 6 (1994 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Introduction
3.0 What is Talent Management?
4.0 Talent management issue
4.1 Identifying pivotal talent positions
4.2 Developing a talent pool
4.3 Creating a differentiated HR architecture
4.4 Outcome
5.0 Recommendation
6.0 Conclusion

Executive Summary

Although there is a considerable degree of academic and practical topics of interest, talent management is still lagging behind. A crucial fact is that the shortage of talent management, the same circumscription and defines the boundary of the concept. The dedication of this thesis is to develop a straightforward definition of strategic talent management. In doing so, we draw some insights cautious literature base. Therefore, talent management should contribute to next examination in the area. (1) To help researchers clarify the concept of boundary Talent Management (2) To provide a elements framework can help investigator to develop their work in the area of examine. In addition, it can help executive to engage in some of the problem they are facing talent management aspect.

We determined activities and processes of strategic talent management involved in the system key positions differences help determine the organization's sustainable competitive advantage. The development of the high potential and high perform working staff of the talent pool to fill these roles, and the differentiation of human resources framework development is to convenient serving officers qualified to fill these jobs to make sure its continuing promise to the organization Therefore, the problem of talent management interests of beyond the human resources scholars and professionals in a wide range of stakeholders. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit (2006) found that the majority of CEOs believe that talent management is too important, the Boston Consulting Group (2007) reports that one of the major challenges facing the human resources in the European situation.BCG findings are based not only on the ability of senior management expectations in the management of human capital is the most important, but the concern is that they think their organization is weakest. Therefore, the region is likely to be relevant, especially in the field of strategic management, human resources, and other scholars and practitioners, and organizational behavior. The concrete contribution of the current document is to formulate a clear, brief definition of strategic talent management. We have also developed a theoretical model of strategic talent management. In doing so, we draw some cautious view of literary base. Therefore, it should help to provide a theoretical framework for future study in the area of talent management. (1) Help examiners to clear up the concept of boundaries through talent management (2) Help examiners develop their own efforts in the region research. In addition, it helps managers engaged in some of the problems they are facing talent management aspects.

What is Talent Management?

Talent management is defined as the idea of the premise; the starting point of any talent management system should be to identify the system critical position differences can help business continuity competitive advantage. This is in line with a growing awareness that there should be a greater extent of differentiation role within an organization, between work and non-strategic (Becker, Huselid), or role in the organization, to ensure that only those marginal impact is more focus on strategy can provide a higher average impact(Boudreau and Ramstad 2007). This is the existing over-investment in non-strategic role in many organizations is common (Boudreau and Donald Todd, 2008 Huselid, Beatty and Becker, 2005). This is in contrast to over-investment in non-strategic role in many organizations, is very common. (Boudreau and Ramstad 2008, Huselid, Beatty and Becker, 2005). The second element of the definition emphasizes...
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