Mastering Your Communication Skills

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Paralanguage Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: May 24, 2008
With Mastering Your Communication Skills Will Come Great success. Even though every human being has the ability to communicate, but still many fail to understand the real meaning behind the use and proper application of communication. A successful communication means, when the receiver understands exact the same information as the sender was planning to bring over. Most people don’t communicate correctly and this could lead to failure in life, love and careers. To be successful in life you need to master your Communication skills. They are two kinds of communications, verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is using words to express your feelings and thoughts or information’s. Non-verbal communications includes gestures, body language, facial expressions like, smiling, nodding, posture, the tone of your voice and eye-contact. Appearance also plays a role in establishing non verbal communication, for example: they way you look, how you are dressed and proper grooming is also very important. Non-verbal communication is more noticeable, when you use your body language people tend to pay more attention to you thus the only drawback is that it could easily cause people to pass judgment, by the way you look, what you are wearing as well as how you use language to present yourself. But what can you do to improve your communication skills? When it comes to verbal communication it is very important for the sender to articulate the words in a right manner and not to speak fast. If you have an idea or a thought in your head and you want to share it with another person, don’t think already that you are right about that thought, this could lead to you assuming that the other person is wrong. To accomplish a proper communication you need to be an active listener. To be an active listener you use verbal communication by restating what the person said, and by saying ‘I’m listening. Using nonverbal communication is for example: nodding, eye...
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