Marketing Techniques

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Marketing Techniques
Paignton Zoo (D1)

Market Penetration

Advantages: The advantage of market penetration is that it promotes the business to the public and allows it to be widely recognised by a variety of people. Paignton Zoo promotes its business on sites which are widely used every day by the public such as the radio, television. This means that every day there is a chance that a member of the public will hear about the business on the radio or see what they have to offer on the television adverts. By advertising the business on the radio and television, it is important that they do this at peak times where members of the public are most likely to hear or see it. If Paignton Zoo advertised their business when members of the public were less likely to see it, such as 4ᵒ’clock in the morning or very late at night, more people will be unaware of the business and what it has to offer and therefore would have less people visiting.

Other places where Paignton Zoo may promote their business are leaflets, bus shelter, and newspaper adverts. This is beneficial to the business because it is easily accessible to many potential customers and has a better chance of targeting a wider audience than television adverts because wherever a person may walk they will see the adverts. With leaflets and newspapers members of the public have the ability to read it whenever they are ready and available. Unlike television and radio adverts where members of the public can only hear or see the adverts by coincidence, by having leaflets and newspapers, they can choose when they would like to read up on the business.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of market penetration in Paignton Zoo is that it can be slightly expensive upon the business. For television adverts it would usually cost around £34,000 for 100 slots which last about 30 seconds. The more people that visit the business, the more money they would have within the finance department and would therefore have the...
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