Zoo Argument

Topics: Extinction, Ex-situ conservation, Biodiversity Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Zoos are a popular house for animals. People can see many kinds of animals at zoos. However zoos are more harmful than good for animals. There are some causes to this such as bad environment for animals and small enclosures. One of the reasons for the bad effects of zoos is a loss of real conservation. Today animals are endangering since their habitats are shrinking because of pollution, less food, and destruction of the ecosystem. Many kinds of animals were sent to zoos because of people who argued that we need to save endangered animals. However the environment of zoos is not suitable for animals and not the same as their environment. Because many animals in the zoos are separated from their families and friends and they live in new groups which are made by raisers who treat animals. These unnatural social groups sometimes lead to fighting’s which lead to injury and loneliness. Also the creatures are always fed by feeders so their natural hunting instincts decrease. Another reason for bad zoos is small enclosure. Many zoos are operated by private organizations not government and these private zoos mainly operate for money. So they work to make money from the animals. They always open their zoos and welcome the visitors who visit to look at the animals or for entertainment such as dolphin shows. Furthermore they confine their animals to small enclosures to make visitors feel like they are really close to the animals. They might also make the show stage big and make the animal’s shelter small. As a result of these the animals suffer greatly in the zoos with severe physical and behavioral problems especially for the big animals such as high levels of stress and boredom. This high level of stress and boredom of the animals can lead to illness. However modern well managed zoos want to educate us about the issues like animal conservation. The zoo carries out research to improve our understanding of animal behavior. If we understand the animals better we can...
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