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It’s the marketing strategy of the company that can either do wonders or blunders for the brand. If a product has a life cycle so does the marketing strategy has.

Pepsodent -was launched in 1993 by HINDUSTAN LEVER LTD to cater to the oral needs of the customers.its Products includes toothpastes and toothbrushes. •The various toothpaste variety are pepsodent Germicheck, Whitening , 2in1, Center Fresh, Gum Care, Sensitive, Kids.It was earlier positioned as a germ fighter focusing more on the process than on the result.Pepsodent have experimented with its positioning althrough its life by the way of changingmarketing strategies. •It used Family platform as well as product platform in its marketingstrategies.For toothpaste the Segementation is done on the basis of age, product features and needs of thecustomer. •Their target audience is the adult male who is the wage earner, and the mothers (bythe use of kids in the ads. •Its positioned as a family care product with a price less than itscompetitors productEalier in the introduction stage its focus was on awareness so its ads were flashing alarming linesscaring people into reading the ad and print ads were given with a coupon to get free 10 day trial pack free like1950-Pepsodent Tooth Paste ad -awake or asleep film is gluing acid to your teeth. •Pepsodent liquid for kids-We brush because we like to, we like the taste we like to brush1929-film a dangerous coating that robs teeth of their whiteness. •Those pearly teeth learn how people get them, it’s a descriptive ad which explained how the fomula worked. On media front the focus was on cleaner and brighter teeth-If you had onli 12 hrs to live what would you do?? •Eat Drink Live Pepsodent protects, more jovial ads with least exposure to information about the paste1978 Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme are in this Pepsodent toothpaste commercial.- teeth thatneed to be the whitest needs pepsodent1950—poetic verse in animtated ads with character called suzyQ- “you wonder where the yellowwent wen u brush your teeth with pep”—animation used wen it came out with new formula, package and flavor—remove yellow n bright smile thn in 1964 with the same conceptIdentical twin test and prove- pepsodent powder makes teeth twice as bright—use of brandambassador—jack and alan sampson brothers-champion twins,tournament golfers.Comparative ads like before after effect with the usage of pepsodent Pepsodent was launched in 1993 by Hll to capture the market from Colgate. Launched in the platform of Germ fighting property, Pepsodent now have a marketshare of 17% in the Rs2200 crore oral care market.

Pepsodent have experimented with its positioning althrough its life. Initially Pepsodent was launched in the highly successful "long lasting protection for hours after brushing" platform. In 1999-2000 Pepsodent tried to fight the market leader Colgate by shifting to Benefits of germ fighting rather than Process of germ fighting. But the positioning failed and Pepsodent had to come back to the old positioning by 2001.

Pepsodent included the germ indicator to its pack in 2002 followed by an innovative Dental Insurance campaign which reinforced the germ fighting position.

HLL was trying hard to break the fort of Colgate which was holding a massive 45- 50% market share in the oral care market.Although Pepsodent and Close Up had together around 32% of the market , it was not enough. Then came the regional brands like Ajanta and Babool which really made a dent in the market share of the leaders.

Hll struck back with the famous Dishum dishum campaign ( that won many accolades for the agency). The insight for this campaign was that Mothers were really worried about the eating habits of their kids. From that insight came the Big Idea " let Pepsodent fight germs for You". The campaign and the smart pricing virtually killed the regional brands in the oral care market.

Pepsodent knew that they...
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