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Sunderland Faulty of Business & Law Undergraduate Programmes

MKT306 Marketing Strategy

Assignment July 2010 – Individual Report

Please read all instructions and information carefully. You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations. Your assignments must be submitted to your Study Centre in hard copy with an accurately and clearly completed Assignment Cover Sheet and an electronic copy on CD.

Issue Date:Friday 14th May 2010

Hand-in Deadline: Friday 9th July 2010

Word Count:2500 - 3000 + Appendices


This is an individual assignment as a single report in two parts. (As a guide only; each part should form approximately half of the final report)

a) Investigation and analysis

Choose an individual brand or product line from either the producer and/or brand owner, who are involved in the marketing of an oral hygiene product or products. Investigate and evaluate their marketing strategy using contemporary marketing tools and techniques however this may be illuminated using examples from other companies/ organizations.

You can demonstrate the effectiveness of the reported policies for the chosen company by giving performance data against competitors in the market (e.g. market share, sales, profitability, etc.).

b) Recommendations

Your remit is to put forward your own suggestions covering changes in marketing strategy that will improve the future performance of the brand/ product/ product line for the benefit of the parent company and its stakeholders. Justify your choices again using contemporary marketing methods and techniques. These suggestions should be your own ideas but may include marketing tactics and strategies used by other successful organisations but in different industry sectors. You will put these suggestions, forward in a written report.

N.B. You should be using publicly available sources. Though the report should include facts and figures from these sources e.g. journals, newspapers, magazines, or reference/text books. When these are incorporated they should be fully referenced. Marketing Strategy MKT306

Guidance on the Assignment


This is an individual assignment as a single report in two parts. (As a guide only; each part should form approximately half of the final report)

What should your assignment contain?
■ Title page
■ Table of contents
■ Summary
■ Introduction
■ Situational analysis (SWOT) (PESTLE)
■ Differential advantage/ Competitive edge (USP)
■ Segmentation Targeting & Positioning (STP)
■ Marketing objectives and goals (SMART)
■ Marketing strategies and programmes (4P’s)
■ Conclusion
■ Bibliography (with references)
■ A n electronic copy on CD

Where does it fit into the report format?

As you’re aiming for a 2500-3000 word report you only need to use the following

Title Section. In a short report this may simply be the front cover. In a long one it could also include Terms of Reference, Table of Contents and so on. Summary. Give a clear and very concise account of the main points, main conclusions and main recommendations. Keep it very short, a few % of the total length. Some people, especially senior managers, may not read anything else so write as if it were a stand-alone document. It isn’t but for some people it might as well be. Keep it brief and free from jargon so that anyone can understand it and get the main points. WRITE IT LAST, but do not copy and paste from the report itself; that rarely works well. Introduction. This is the first part of the report proper. Use it to paint the background to ‘the problem’ and to show the reader why the report is important to them. Give your terms of reference (if not in the Title Section) and explain how the details that follow are arranged. Write it in plain English. Current Situation. (Your Swot Analysis and Differential advantage/ Competitive edge...
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