Rhetorical Essay

Topics: Mouthwash, Dental plaque, Marketing Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Listerine Smart Rinse
Eng 112: Advanced Composition
DeVry University
Professor D. Pireh

In 2006, Listerine introduced to the world a product that would help children start a life of good oral hygiene. This product is called Listerine Agent cool Blue a pre- brush tint rinse. A way to help make brushing your teeth in the morning fun, instead a time consuming chore most kids choose to skip. You rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and spit. The blue residue indicates plaque, leftover food, and shows children where they need to brush the most. The importance of brushing your teeth is something we all have been taught at a young age. With this product not only is Listerine Agent Cool Blue successful in getting consumers to purchase this product, but successful in solving the problem of making children actually want to brush their teeth in the mornings. A problem a lot of parents struggle with today. The advertisement was successful in stimulating logic and reason among consumers. The commercials showed kids with blue or purple goo on their teeth, and how much fun they had brushing away all the bad stuff. The ad highlights the somewhat low cost and availability among local retailers suggested retail price of a 16.9 fl oz. bottle -- $8.37. By watching this commercial parents understand that $ 8.37 once or twice a month depending on how many children you have far outweighs avoidable dental visits. This product is for everyone ages six and up, which may encourage parents of multiple children to purchase this product. This product was advertised in numerous commercials, and was recommended strongly by dentist’s country wide that have deemed this product safe and sanitary. The credibility of this product is also backed by the fact that Listerine has been number one in dental care since 1914. Which helps to reinforce the ethos strategy used for the promotion of this product? These factors help the consumer confidently decide if he or she is going to...
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