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  • Published: October 23, 2012
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Pepsodent Toothpaste Marketing Strategies
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Executive Summary:
Pepsodent is a toothpaste brand with a flavor that is minty derived from Sassafras. The toothpaste brand is owned by Unilever (Pepsodent Official website, 2012).Pepsodent is regarded as one of the leading product in oral care. This paper assesses the present situation of Pepsodent so as to provide recommendations on it definite toothpaste brand line. The report is segmented into two sections. The first section will assess the present situation of Pepsodent. This will be based on the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities of the organization along with the toothpaste brand line of Pepsodent will be assessed. In addition, further information on the current market share, sale, and profitability of Pepsodent in the scope of PESTEL analysis will be provided. At the conclusion of the first section the competitive advantage of Pepsodent will be declared. The subsequent section entails a recommended strategy of marketing employing marketing tools like targeting, positioning and segmentation, the marketing mix as well as SMART objectives. To better propose enhancements, the definite state of Pepsodent with reference to its products, goals, and so on is in a few sections briefly mentioned. When all is achieved, a conclusion is drawn regarding the present situation of Pepsodent and proposed developments yet to come.

Executive Summary:2
2.PESTLE Analysis:5
2.1.Political Factors:5
2.2.Economic Factors:6
2.3.Social Factors:6
2.4.Technological Factors:6
2.5.Legal Factors:7
Environmental Factors:7
3.SWOT Analysis:7
4.Differentiation Advantage and Competitive Edge:9
5.Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategy:10
6.Marketing Objectives:10
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