Marketing Strategies

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Strategic management Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Successful companies study their competitors as closely as they do their customers. Analyzing and evaluating competition helps management decide where to compete and how to position against the competition in each market margin. The changing patterns of global competition require continuous analysis of competing forces. Business and marketing strategies need to take advantage of opportunities and to avoid threats. Market leaders and competitors cannot fulfill their executive role unless customer’s needs and desires are understood and satisfied. Strategic marketing is creating a plan to better reach and satisfy customer while increasing profitability and productivity. Competition strategy is an important strategic planning process to help management understand their competitive advantage and disadvantage relative to competitors. In Zimbabwe, the telecommunications industry operates in a pure oligopolistic market, consisting of a few companies producing essentially the same service. This industry is characterized by three players comprising of Econet Wireless, which is the market leader, followed by Telecel which is the market challenger and Netone which is the market follower. Telecommunications industry in Zimbabwe has been displaying sustained growth rates, riding on economic growth and consequent increase demand levels offering unprecedented opportunities to mobile telecommunications. The competitive analysis of this paper is based on Econet Wireless and Netone applying Porter’s generic strategy and marketing warfare strategies. Econet Wireless has dominated the local competitors through constant innovation, it was the third entrant into the industry but six months later it became the market leader (………..). innovation is what differentiate Econet from its competitors. On the other hand Netone was the first company to enter into market but because of ………… it became the market follower. Econet Wireless has taken a holistic approach to the successful...
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