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Research Report on

Nescafe - Mild

Presented by

“Trend Faktor

Research & Consulting”

Submitted To: Miss. Swarupa Tamhankar


Depika Kanchan……………….(103)

Rohan Kadam………………….(104)

Huda Mitha…………………….(105)

Ekta Yadav……………………..(106)

Ashish Ghadoliya……………..(107)

Mayank Mehta………………...(108)

Research Report

Survey of Nescafe † Mild

❖ Research Methodology

I. Research Problem

➢ Nescafe † Mild product of Nescafe Brand failed to attract consumers? Why?

➢ The reasons for declining sales

II. Objective of the survey

➢ To know the popularity of Nescafe

➢ To create awareness about the product.

➢ To know consumers(users & non-users) reactions towards the product.

➢ To know future expectations.

III. Limitations: The survey was restricted to only 70 people, including male and female.

IV. Sample Size: The sample size consisted of 70 respondents.

V. Sample Frame: All the questionnaires were filled within 2 weeks.

VI. Place of survey: Bandra to Borivali

VII. Targeted Population: Users, Non-users, adults, working people and housewives.

VIII. Age Group: 18 † 40 years.

IX. Method of Data Collection:

✠ Primary Source † Survey was conducted with help of a Questionnaire.

The questions were based on Consumer’s buying patterns, Brand Awareness, Brand Preference, General Information.

✠ Secondary Data † Internet

Break † up of Sample Size

Total No. of Survey forms = 75 - 5 (extra or default forms) = 70


Justification: We targeted both male and female population which included students, adults, working people and housewives as all prefer coffee in their diet. We surveyed 38 females(in nos.) and 32 males.

Q. 1) Are you aware of the different brands of coffee available in the market?


Justification: Here, we come to know how famous each brand of coffee is? We have included all possibly known types of coffee brands. The above graph is calculated on (each out of 100%). For example, Out of 100%, 98% people are aware of Nescafe coffee and so on..

Q.2) How occasionally do you drink coffee?


Justification: This question tells us the frequency of usage of the users of coffee. It helps us to understand how much the coffee is preferred by the consumers.

Q.3) What is the main reason for you to drink coffee?


Justification: The above graph informs us the various reasons why people drink coffee. In others, there was reason like “family members drink so they drink..” etc. this graph was framed as out of 100% each.

Q.4) Which brand of coffee you drink?


Justification: We asked them which brand of coffee they drink. We included only three brands as they are very well known and preferred by almost all population. As expected Nescafe gained the highest votes.

Q.5) Are you aware of the following Nescafe coffee brands?


Justification: This is the question related to Nescafe. We wanted to know how many brands of Nescafe coffee do people know about and we got the above responses, which were again expected. This was again out of 100% each.

Q.6) Have you heard about Nescafe † Mild? If “yes” name the source?


Justification: Now, we came to the actual interested question as to how many people have heard about the product. There was not much of a difference between the two. We had not expected such a response. Before the survey we thought that many people might not be knowing about the product, like us.

Q.7) Which brand of Nescafe coffee you prefer and why?


Justification: We asked them their preference of coffee. What variants they prefer in Nescafe coffee. The reasons for this were:

✠ They liked the taste

✠ Just for a change

✠ Their friends, family drink this brand, etc.

Q.8) Have you tried Nescafe Mild coffee?


Justification: Since we got a...
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