Marketing Proposal

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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James Cook University Brisbane
LB 5202
Marketing Management

Marketing Proposal
Online Marketing of Harvey Norman

Name: Himanshukumar V Patel
Student ID:12778693
Lecturer Name: Rod Williams
Date: 7/04/2013


Computer and electronics is a booming industry with technology. Online market is growing day by day with many taking advantages to compare the best process available for products. Harvey Norman will need to embrace and collaborate e-commerce as competition is Fierce and Harvey Norman is stepping late into this booming online industry.

To stay alive in presence scenario into online industry, Harvey Norman may need to change its price setter strategy and offering discount on products online, providing good services.


Harvey Norman is the name brand of under Harvey Norman Holding Limited, is one the giant retailer of Electronic, computers, furniture and Home Improvements etc. It was established by Mr. Gerry Harvey and Ian Norman in October 1982. There are 166 stores in Australia and in 68 countries i.e. Ireland, new Zealand, Slovenia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Everyone is familiar with the slogan called ‘ Go Harvey, Go Harvey Norman. This company motto is to sporting anthem for favourite sporting team, conveys the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit embedded in the Franchise and it’s culture.

There are three main competitors in computer and electronic products in Australia. •JB-hi-fi
Dick smith


Selling products online is cheaper than into the store that can help seller to put on discount and give benefit to customer and attract. it reduce the cost of moving product from factory to the store and saving consumer’s money.

Competitive advantages:-

oReduce the cost of moving product from factory to the store and saving consumer’s money. oCan Increase more products
oCan Increase more discount...
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