Marketing Research Proposal

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Food security Pages: 13 (2329 words) Published: April 15, 2011


1) Executive Summary

2) Background

3) Problem Definition

4) Approach to the Problem

5) Research Design

6) Data Analysis

7) Reporting

8) Timeline

9) Appendix

Executive Summary:

Urban farming is said to be “the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in, or around (peri-urban), a village, town or city” [1]. The focus of urban farming is largely based upon a daily demand for food from customers within metropolitan areas through the utilization on intensive production methods, using and reusing natural resources and urban wastes to yield a diversity of crops and livestock. There are plenty of initiatives promoting urban farming around the world and now Arthur Hiemstra and Bethany Lord want to promote these initiatives in Western Australia (will be cited WA hereafter).

The overall objective of this report is to ‘assess existing urban farming and interests in urban farming in WA’. This objective will seek to solve the management problem of ‘what necessary steps should we take to set up a platform in support of urban farming initiatives in WA’. The results hope to deliver an overview of existing initiatives, an informed opinion on the different initiatives and what actions are needed to make urban farming appealing to people under the age of 25.

The proposed research framework will comprise of two main stages, comprising of analyzing secondary data and conducting exploratory research. We have chosen to conduct interviews using a questionnaire. The questions are targeted to find out information on whether people are already advocates of urban farming and if they partake in a community movement or by themselves at home, their attitudes on urban farming, their willingness to participate if given the opportunity and what would be the main deterring factor if they chose not to. Random unbiased sampling will be conducted in a few key locations to reach a variety of demographics.

The data collected will be analyzed and tabulated into graphs for easy understanding. The timeline given for this research project is six weeks with more than half of the proposed time focused on the analysis of secondary data and fieldwork.


An idea for the Urban Farmer’s Initiative has been put forward by Arthur and Bethany of WA who enjoyed planting vegetables and seedlings they decided to share it with others. Initially the mission statement was ‘to share in the excitement and fulfillment of growing your own food’.

They did some research and discovered there were many urban farming initiatives worldwide with a focus on the United States and the benefits urban farming initiatives have brought to communities support each other and ‘build’. They also found many global concerns regarding rising food prices and an inadequate supply of food in the future. Drought and other natural disasters have affected farmers in Queensland and other regions in Australia. Also helps individuals become more self sufficient and less dependent on our farming and supermarket institutions.

Arthur and Bethany are determined to come up with something else, different and new to the existing urban farming initiatives worldwide in order to contribute more to these communities as they say ‘the wheel has been invented and reinvented enough’. Their mission statement is now “to provide a platform that enables, supports and develops Urban Farming initiatives in Western Australia”. In order to collect data and construct this platform, the following research proposal has been developed.

Problem Definition:

Management problem:

We define the management problem as: ‘what necessary steps should we take to set up a platform in support of urban farming initiatives in WA?’

Research problem:

We define the research problem as: ‘Assessing existing urban farming and interest in urban farming in WA’

Approach to the Problem:

The purpose of this study is to...
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