Marketing Research Proposal

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Marketing Research Proposal
Fair & Lovely Max Fairness- for Men

Research Background

The concept of fairness has changed over the period of a decade, aspiration for a fair look is now not limited to women only but Unilever has cared about men in the beauty category by introducing fair and lovely max fairness. Fair & Lovely MAX Fairness for Men is uniquely designed for tough male skin. It contains VitaMAX Complex and UV Filters work intensively on male skin and help to give: Max Sun Protection, Max Spot Reduction and Max Fairness, so the men can have Max Confidence in themselves. Before having fair and lovely max, men were using the fair and lovely regular and other random fairness creams which were only made for women skin; so at that time this market was untapped and diversified. Fair and lovely gave a break through by entering in male consumer market with the fair and lovely max fairness. This proposal is designed to provide insight about the study with few objectives to analyze the perception about fairness and the fair and lovely max fairness among its target consumers. This document will provide proper outline about the research along with timeline. It was a common perception in minds that the beauty and fairness is only subject to women, but the dynamics has changed so does the perception now men also care about their look and fairness which they think enhance their confidence and self-esteem, in this study we also will try to find out some evidence in this regard.

Research Objectives 

The research aims to determine the perception of respondents about their beauty & fairness in general and about the Fair and Lovely Max fairness in particular among men,

* Key driving factors that encourage using fairness cream among men. * To identify the role of fairness or beauty to enhance self esteem and confidence in Men. * Importance of grooming and hygienic look among men in their daily life. * To determine the attitudes and perceptions of the customers towards the fairness creams and their affiliation to the brand. * To determine the usage pattern of an individual, in their regular span of time and their concern towards their personal hygienic look.

Research Attributes
To this end we aim to extract particular variables from the consumer which they perceive essential that the product provides to the consumers. In general these will include the following: 

* Fairness and hygienic look
* Benefits like skin protection
* Self esteem an confidence  

We will than gauge customer perception of these variables for our chosen brand. The consumer perceives fairness as a factor to enhance one’s confidence and self-esteem and this is also promoted by the parent company in its advertisement of Max Fairness, so in our study we also will focusing on these two attributes in detail along with some other attributes. The research methodology and questions will be designed in such a manner that can help us to get required information based on these above mentioned attributes. 

Action Standards
After conducting research and gathering required information the client will be able to analyze the consumer perception, attitude and behaviour for using fairness creams in more detailed and concrete manner. Moreover, the client will be able extract information about; * Consumer perception about the brand

* Consumer traits and characteristics
* Consumer’s level of emotional attachment with the product and in broader context about the fairness in shaping their behaviour. After this study the client will be able to design different strategies to make brand attractive toward the customers by addressing key driving factors which shape consumers’ buying decision. Information Needs

The study has mainly focused on measuring the consumer perception about the fairness in general and about the Max Fairness in particular, the selected methodology will help in gathering required and...
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