Marketing Plan(Primax 95)

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PETRONAS is a company that produces fully-integrated oil and gas Multinational Corporation fully owned by the Malaysian Government. PETRONAS sell the product to main target markets which is car user, community, lower and middle income, high income and oil industry. PETRONAS have comes out with many oil that includes PETRONAS Urania, Jeta-1, PETRONAS Dynamic Diesel, PETRONAS PRIMAX 97, PETRONAS PRIMAX 95, PETRONAS Syntium, Mesra, PETRONAS Syntium Moto, PETRONAS Mesra Loyalty and Smartpay. The main product that we are target now is PETRONAS PRIMAX EXTRA 95. PETRONAS PRIMAX XTRA 95 is PETRONAS’ mission is to provide the customer with commercial grade gasoline that is specially formulated with advanced additive technology. It restores and maintains the engine to its optimum efficiency to power the vehicles. As a result, better fuel economy is achieved, giving you more kilometers for every liter of fuel used. Target future PRIMAX EXTRA 95 customer by using demographic strategic which includes age, gender, and income. Product strategy is to provide consumer to restores and maintains the engine to its optimum efficiency to power the vehicles. Furthermore, the promotion strategy that we use in promoting our product PRIMAX EXTRA 95 is through the advertising media. PRIMAX EXTRA 95 promote through newspapers, television advertisements, posters, banners, and magazines. However, the most noticed and effective advertising media used by PETRONAS for product PRIMAX EXTRA 95 is television advertisements, for example, ASTRO Arena, ESPN, TV1 and TV3. Finally, we have a strong with experienced management team to solve the entire problem. 2.0 SITUATION ANALYSIS

RON 95 Petrol has been introduced in Malaysia and nowadays, there are many petrol stations especially PETRONAS and Shell already provide the RON95 grade of petrol. PETRONAS introducing PRIMAX EXTRA 95 promises a new gasoline enough driving experience means that when using it. PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 is provided satisfaction for savings fuel efficiency and performance. 2.1 MARKET SUMMARY

PETRONAS possesses good information about the market need and know a great deal about the customer satisfaction with their product PRIMAX EXTRA 95. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is serve, what their specific needs are, communicated with customer and how PETRONAS can improve their product.

* Vehicle user ( car and motorcycle)
* Lower and middle income level

The profile for the typical PRIMAX EXTRA 95 consists of the following geographic, demographic and behavior factors. Geographic
* PETRONAS PRIMAX EXTRA 95 has set up more than 900 oil station in Malaysia which is focusing in town area, urban area and highways. It is very easy for customer to go for PETRONAS station. * For example, just in Selangor there are 193 PETRONAS station provided PRIMAX EXTRA 95 and customer can easily attracted by so many PETRONAS station. Demographics

* There is an almost equal ratio between male and female. * Teens, young adult age 20 to 40, middle-aged adults 40 to 65 and older adults 65 and older. Behaviour Factor
* The needs of all users who own a car. If not to fill up, the car can not move. * Car users want the best for their car and spend money on engine, so that give their car power and improved engine efficiency. 2.1.2 MARKET NEEDS

PETRONAS PRIMAX EXTRA 95 is providing better fuel economy is achieved, giving you more kilometers for every liter of fuel used. PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA also contains synthetic detergent that cleans up and prevents deposit build up in the engine. This means, it restores and maintains the engine to its optimum efficiency to power the vehicles. This company seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to its customer.

* Better performance
* PRIMAX EXTRA 95 is a latest product...
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