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Module Title – Small Business Management

Module Leader – Neal Goddard, Maria Thomas

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Main Body:4
1.Current marketing strategy:4
2.Mission and Vision5
3.SWOT Analysis:5
4.1. Strengths:5
4.2. Weaknesses:6
4.3. Opportunities:6
4.4. Threat………………………………………………………………...………………….7
4.Competition and Competitors:8
5.Ansoff growth matrix:9
6.Marketing Objectives10
7.Market Segmentation, targeting and positioning:11
8.Marketing Mix- 7P’s11

In 1997 Leslaw Henryk Bidzinski started a small business dealing with herbal medicine. Leslaw is of Poland origin where herbal medicines are popularly used to cure many diseases and conditions. Leslaw himself was a cancer survivor having been treated using herbal medicines. This was his prime motivator towards starting the small business which he named “Herbs for everyone”. He has studied medicine and has improved his competence in herbal medicine through practice. The business was a sole proprietorship business dealing with contemporary medicines and also alternative medicines. The main reason why he decided to go sole was the fact that herbal medicines and remedies were not common in the place and he would have a hard time getting suitable partners (Jeynes, 2000). Leslaw’s desire to help sick people made him decide to start his herbal medicine business. The business would help those people, especially the elderly, who were seeking for alternative medication. He set up his business in a small town as a single shop. In this area, there was no other such business and therefore there was no competition. The shop provided such services as Full Body EIS scan, hypnotherapy, massages and reiki healing. The shop was dealing with herbal medicines and remedies. These included products such as nutritional supplements, medicines that were tailor made to address almost any health condition. Leslaw was quite good in his work that people who had visited his shop always wanted to come again and again. Currently there are 5 employees worked in the company, 2 full time staffs and 3 self-employed staffs, who are the company leader, practice secretary and the other practice assistants (Bidzinski, 2012). In this report, various marketing tools undertaken typically when creating marketing strategy for a business will be looked at and some are carried out for Leslaw’s business and the marketing tools will be evaluated in terms of usefulness for Leslaw.

Main Body:
1. Current marketing strategy:
Leslaw’s business depends mainly on the word of mouth as the main marketing strategy (Bidzinski, 2012). The locals, who are the main customers of the business, are the agents of marketing as they pass information to other people in the area about the products and services. Most of the business’s new customers are those who have known about the shop from others. In order to excel in this kind of marketing, Leslaw knows the key is to provide the best services and products so that customers would talk about it to their peer. As a result of using this strategy as his main marketing strategy, Leslaw’s business has a low budget. It does not incur much marketing costs since customers themselves market the business. More of the business’s marketing budget is channelled to newspapers advertisements. Newspaper advertising has an advantage in that most of the customers are the elderly who have subscriptions to local newspapers. The elderly is also Leslaws most common customer to use his services. Even with newspaper ads, word of mouth remains the most effective and the most applied (Bidzinski,...
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