Western vs Alternative Medicine the Debate: Which Approach Is Better?

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Western VS Alternative Medicine
The Debate: Which approach is better?

Amanda Watson

Alternative Approaches to Disease
HSC 3189
Brett Lieberman
August 10, 2012

Western and alternative medicine approaches are both related to each other however, have been separated for decades. Imagine a set of twins being separated at birth. The two were meant to go hand in hand with each other; however society has separated them for profitable gains. Western medicine typically uses lifestyle changes, counseling, medication, physical therapy or surgery to help prevent and treat disease (Goodman, 2010). The alternative approach uses aromatherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, hypnosis, homeopathy, meditation, chiropractic and exercise. Western medicine provides healing for intense medical problems and certainly does save lives. Alternative medicine offers several approaches and therapies that promote health and teach an individual to get to know their body in which helps an individual stay healthy and prevent illness from taking over.

Points to consider

Western medicine is known to save lives especially when an organ transplant is needed, a blood transfusion is required, and a patient is suffering from heart failure. The question that we must ask ourselves is “Could this person in need of these services and surgical procedures prevented the need for these intense measures if they would’ve incorporated alternative approaches to their lifestyle?”

Alternative medicine can help an individual relax the mind, educate the patient on mind and body connections, and also provide relief for some chronic ailments with or without the use of pharmaceutical medications that are packaged with side effects. Studies indicate that individuals who utilize alternative medicine approaches become more aware and conscious of their health over individuals who seek only the care of a general practitioner of Western medicine (Furnham and Forey, 1994).

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