Holistic Medicine Better Than Conventianal Medicine?

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  • Published : January 25, 2011
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Is Holistic Medicine better than Conventianal Medicine?
Topic: Holistic Medicine is better for health over Conventianal Medicine. Purpose: To prove that Holistic Medicine offers better treatment for different aliments versus Popping pills to treat a symptom. Thesis: Holistic Medicine has treatments using natural herbs to help the body overall where as Conventional Medicine uses addictive chemicals that could potentially be toxic. Introduction: Everyday in our healthcare industry someone is there looking for a quick fix to solve whatever the problem is without having to do much, and because of these drugs people are so dependent on them and that’s how doctors stay in business because that’s all they have to do is say ok here is a prescription it will go away in a day or two. Now if you are given the option to treat your body as a whole and not as a symptom using natural herbs that you can find all around you to keep your body feeling better than before would you try it? Thesis: Holistic Medicine is better for the body than using chemicals to poison the body. Preview: I want to make sure you understand what Holistic Medicine is, Why it is beneficial to us compared to Conventional Medicine, and Why Holistic medicine needs to be incorporated into our lifestyle. Transition 1: Let me first explain what Holistic Medicine is. What is Holistic Medicine?

a. Holistic Medicine has many different names such as Ayurvedic, Alternative, Integrative, Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine. * Founded in Asia Holistic medicine is the use of natural herbs to help the body relieve stress, pain and release endorphins. b. Chemicals found in pills and injections that are used for treatment Holistic approaches are by using Chiropractors, Accupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal remedies, and intergrative diet. By using these natural herbal remedies patients cant get addictcted to drugs and depend on them to feel good or take away a symptom. Now that you know what Holistic...
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