Marketing Plan for Bata

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  • Published: April 25, 2012
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary3

Current Market Scenario………………………………………………………………….4

Objectives and Issues7

Target Market8

Marketing Strategy13

Marketing Programs15

Financial Plans16

Implementation Controls18

Executive Summary:

The Marketing Plan of Bata India makes a serious effort to rejig its performance. This includes launch of Bata's overseas brands and revamp of retail formats, among others. The plan includes a series of initiatives to bring the customer back into the stores i.e importing high-end brands from Bata's international stable, launching a slew of locally designed footwear, revamping retail structure and a high-decibel ad campaign, plans to bring in weinbrenner, a global Bata brand and wipe n' go, shoes that will need no polishing at all, for the executive literally on the run. And, a part of corrective action will be clearer positioning. Reorganizing retail efforts. Fifty flagship stores to be demarcated in the metros as high-end ones, stocking international brands and imported products. next will be 100 city stores located in metros/semi-metros and about 100 family stores will be chalked out for medium and small towns. and, 190 bazar stores will serve as clearance ones. this exercise will be carried out within existing retail network. Bata will set in motion a 360 degree revamp operation driven by a strategy of focussed marketing and segmentation. it is designed to impact the customer in every income group through both innovative product development as well as fine-tuned distribution, The company will kick off a campaign to launch new designs every week. launching chiara, a bata international best-seller; power international, a high-end imported brand; and tino, a bata international design for men. the therapeutic dr hawai and the handmade stitch top are being designed locally and bubblegummers is an international children's brand.

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