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This study is made to determine the current market situation of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc.’s College of Accountancy for the current academic year of 2011-2012. In here, DYCI is in comparison with its top rival schools offering Bachelor of Science in Accountancy within Bulacan namely, Meycauayan College (MC) and La Consolacion University of the Philippines (LCUP). This study also aims to determine potential strategies to develop Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. College of Accountancy’s both present financial and academic standing.

The first section of this study shows the historical background and the company profile of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. and College of Accountancy and other relevant information related to the college.

The next sections of this study exhibits the socio-cultural, demographic, economic, technological, competition, legal, and political facts affecting and related to education specifically to the College of Accountancy.

Likewise, Comparative Profile matrix and Comparative S.W.O.T. Analysis of DYCI, MC, and LCUP and a study of Porter’s Five Forces of competition among the three said rival schools offering BS Accountancy is provided. The Comparative Profile Matrix exhibits Six (6) Key Success Factors and corresponding weights for each factor. The group rates each factor according to the strength and weaknesses of the three competing schools. After the rates were given, the group gets the weighted average for each school by multiplying the weight of the factor to the rating assigned to it and adding the scores for each factor. While in the Comparative S.W.O.T. Analysis, a profound assessment on the competing schools was made by determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for each school.

Marketing Mix Analysis was also designed to differentiate the three institutions from each other. This analysis focuses on the difference of each institution in terms of the 8P’s marketing namely, the product, price, place, promotion, people, process, physical evidence, and personalization as they are offering a service-type of business.

Having these three sets of comparison, the group established three objectives which correspond to the three key results areas - the sales, profits, and market share of the College of Accountancy. These objectives are supported by the marketing strategies, action plan and controls that the group have set for the 8P’s of COA.

Projected income statement for the Academic Year 2012-2013 was also provided in the last section of this study.

All of these studies were made for the group’s goal for Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. College of Accountancy’s development and to bring it to market leadership.


In 1950, Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) which was a private non-sectarian school was established by the former owners, the late Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Samson, Sr.

Francisco Balagtas Academy (FBA) was purchased by the Yanga family during 1974
and Dr. Ismael E. Yanga, Sr. became its first President.

Secondary Institution was expanded to include tertiary courses in 1977. It offered initial courses such as Midwifery, Secretarial Education, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Commerce, Nursing, Seaman Training Course and Vocational Courses.

The name of the institution was changed to Dr. Yanga’s Francisco Balagtas Colleges (DYFBC) during 1987.

On August 12, 1993, an investiture ceremony was held when the current President, Dr. Marciano D. Yanga was installed as the second President of the institution.

In the initial years of operation the institution has only a few hundred students but as years passed by, the College steadily grew in enrolment and gradually expanded its curricular offerings. Now, the institution offers many additional courses which are Education, Arts and Sciences, Computer Science,...
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