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Junior Philippine Institute of Accountancy
Prepared Activities for the year 2012-13

I: JPIA T-shirts

Every Accountancy student must need to provide a new JPIA shirts or Jackets (Any of the two) for the purpose of Identification and symbolizes unity within the entire department.

The cost of shirt and jacket must be approved first by the Dean.

II: Seminars and Workshops — 1st year

Launching seminars and workshops for the students help them to adjust for some difficulties they may encounter by advancing their knowledge, giving more insights, and enhancing their analytical skills. Through this they may easily cope to manage in dealing their weaknesses in facing complicated problems and various transactions.

Another purpose of this project is to make well-built relationship among the accountancy students (freshmen ad sophomore).

We prefer to carry out this seminar at the first/second week of the first semester of this year.

III: Collections of Fund

Since JPIA Department was just starting, we should build projects that can possibly add to its funds.

The source of funds can be taken from:
* Initial fund worth 10.00 (compulsory)
* Yearly fund worth 50.00 (compulsory)
* Additional added price for the shirt/jacket worth 3.00 * Selling Scraps (old books, papers, bottles, etc.)
Any source of funds may still be added to the above lists.
We, officers are responsible for all the funds that will enter to the department. IV: Reserved Activities

In order for the department not to dissolve, we made a list of activities that surely can affect the relationship of the involve students. This are:

* Seminars and Workshops
* Quiz B (Facts and Trivia)
* Group studies for the entire department (twice a week)

Any activities may still be added to the above lists.
Those activities above are still in the process of discussion and...
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