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Topics: Marketing, Ultraviolet, Sunscreen Pages: 11 (4147 words) Published: May 14, 2013
marleting plan

A Shady Tree
James Mann
Keller University

1.0 Executive Summary
A Shady Tree is a business that offers protection from harmful rays of the sun to its clients. The research being conducted on the effects of long-term exposure to the sun is drawing attention to the need to keep exposed skin covered as well as the need to protect the eyes. The service will require marketing programs to notify potential visitors of its existence to the area of the beach where the business is located. Marketing opportunities exist in town as well as major interstates approaching the area. Hotel chains that offer stands that contain pamphlets as well as travel guides that highlight area amenities are also possibilities. Since this is a new business and therefore has had no prior exposure to marketing campaigns, the sky is the limit on getting the word to the public.

2.0 Situational Analysis
A major issue that my service would benefit tourists is having the people on the beach to need the service provided. Local people will most likely not need the service except the cool mist areas and refreshments. Most of these people are familiar with the beach and come prepared with the proper essentials. Locals may need the service if they happen to run out of a product while at the beach. A major force in the macro environment that needs to be considered is the weather. Daily afternoon rain showers, possible approaching tornados, or just not warm enough for a day at the beach could easily affect the profits of the service. The service capabilities are severely limited by space. A small stand, which retracts at the end of the business day, can only support a limited amount of products. A customer survey should be conducted on a regular basis to determine if proper product preference is being met.

2.1 Market Summary
The business “The Shady Tree” on the beach would serve the tourists in the area of the Emerald Isle, North Carolina.( Town of Emerald Isle) This area has a beach that does not have the proper amenities on the beach itself. The area has many shops, hotels and restaurants within driving distance of the beach but none accessible directly on the beach. The market for a convience store with the cool mist areas on the beach is of high demand. Once at the beach, people often relize that they have forgotten essential items like sunscreen or sunglasses. They may also have a need for refreshments or to cool down from over sun exposure and do not wish to go into the water. The Shady Tree will afford beachgoers the opportunity to purchase these forgotten/needed necessities without the hassel of returning to a store in town. As more research results are being released regarding exposure to harmful rays of the sun, people are making it more of a priority to keep exposed skin covered. Whether they intend to cover with sunscreen, chapstick, hats or visors, umbrellas, or tents, these items are not always included in a beach bag. Occasionally a product is emptied while at the beach and needs to be replaced. The Shady Tree is there to fill this need.

2.2 SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is a planning process conducted to gain insight into ways to improve a service or a product idea. The strengths of The Shady Tree are the conveniences brought to beachgoers by having products available to them without the hassles of returning to a store off of the beach. The Shady Tree will offer similar products as the stores at comparable prices. By offering the top name brands allows customers to continue to use products that have a good reputation that they have come to trust. In addition The Shady Tree will offer cool mist areas that the stores do not provide. This service directly provided on the beach will allows not only enjoyment but also could be very valuable in providing quick medical help to those overexposed to the sun and heat of the day. A weakness of The Shady Tree is the...
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