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Week 2
Part 1
* Our target market is to reach out to all kinds of people. We want to serve every occasional family on the lake while at night be a nice place for people to eat dinner with the nice bar scene. It will be a very out going place for couples along with families to come and have a great time. * The business will provide great food and a good environment for people to come and have a great time. It has a great view of the lake while also lake accesses able, which will make for great family fun. At The Sand Bar and Grill we want people to have a good place to come while ultimately still making money. * The community will be strengthened, as we will strive to bring people together for a great meal and family fun. We will also be a charitable business, and a supporter of surrounding cities and towns. We hope to reach anyone and everyone that is in the area wanting great food along with a friendly environment. * The owners and employees will have a family relationship along with respect for everyone, no matter the situation. We hope to leave people better than how we found them and ultimately have a great working environment that the employees will be able to enjoy.

Week 4
* When starting a business one of the first steps to determine is what form of ownership will your business be. There are three different types of ownership, the first one being the most simplest and popular; sole proprietorship. This form of ownership is where one person has the overall say on what goes on in the company as far as financial and business decisions. The next is a partnership in which two or more people co-own a business for the purpose of making a profit. In this form of ownership there is a big factor of trust that has to be there between the two business owners. The finally for of ownership is a corporation which is the most complex of the three forms. A corporation is an artificial legal entity created by the state that can sue or be sued...
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