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Marketing Plan – Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Marketing Plan
Author: Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg Version: 1.0 Date: 26.01.2010

Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg


Marketing Plan – Sony PlayStation 4

Table of Contents

Page 1. About the company 2. Internal analysis 2.1. General analysis 2.2. SWOT analysis 2.3. Predecessor analysis 3. External analysis 3.1. PEST analysis 3.2. Porter's 5 forces 3.3. Competitors 3.3.1. Nintendo 3.3.2. Microsoft 3.3.3. PC 3.4. Customer analysis 4. Marketing Mix 4.1. Product details 4.2. Price 4.3. Distribution 4.4. Promotion 4.4.1 Marketing slogans and logo 4.5. Marketing Objectives 5. Evaluation and Control Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg 21 22 -23 4 4 5 6 7 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 17 17 18 19 20

Marketing Plan – Sony PlayStation 4

1. About the company
Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Branch: Video Entertainment Research & Development of Hardware and Software Game development studio

• •

Subsidiary of Sony Corporation • • • 2nd-largest japanese electronics company Core business: entertainment electronics Slogan: “make.believe”

Mission Statement: "to become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and services."

Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg


Marketing Plan – Sony PlayStation 4

2. Internal analysis
We will start with a further review on our company to build a knowledge base by providing several information and analyses in order to understand the following content better. At first, a general overview about the Sony Corporation will be given. It is followed by the SWOT analysis and a short review on the predecessor, the PlayStation 3.

2.1 General
Brand awareness • • Place 29 in world-wide brand value ranking Place 3, behind Nokia and Samsung, in the segment “Consumer Electronics” • Well-known products ◦ VAIO notebooks ◦ PlayStation and PlayStation Portable ◦ DVD players, HiFi, TV Former Sony slogans and statements • • • “Exclusive. Stylish. VAIO” “Mobile Excellence” “eco …” ◦ Product ◦ Process ◦ Planet • “Turn ideas into reality”

Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg


Marketing Plan – Sony PlayStation 4 Revenue, headcount and number of sales • • $78.8 million of revenue in 2009, which is $2.3 million less than in 2008 Number of sales decreased in 2009 due to slowdown of the global economy • Plans for 2010: Decrease losses by undertaking further internal restructuring • Headcount: 171.300 as of March 31, 2009

Plans for 2010 – Restructuring • • • Consolidating of TV design and production divisions Consolidating of LCD TV and battery division Headcount reduction of 30% in TV division ◦ no changes in SCEI • Paycut for managers and directors

The goal is to decrease costs by 250 billion Yen in 2010.

Toni Hoang, Tim von Oldenburg


Marketing Plan – Sony PlayStation 4

2.2 SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. Since the SWOT analysis has internal factors and the external factors also require internal adjustments, we decided to include the SWOT analysis into the internal analysis. Strengths – high quality products: the predecessors of the PlayStation 4 always got the best test results for hardware performance – “on the edge” - support of new technologies (BluRay) – free online gaming – PlayStation Network Store for downloadable contents (gameplay videos, game demo versions) Weaknesses – high price in comparison to our competitors – difficulties concerning game development (complicated hardware architecture) Opportunities – unique, PlayStation 4-only exclusive games – motion control to target casual gamers (especially women) – growing countries with improving living standards...
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