The Consoles Released by Sony Under the Brand Name Playstation

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Gaming has become a part of daily life in the hearts of many all over the world. Age groups ranging from as young as a toddler to mature grownups, gaming has served as an entertainment purpose and also as a form educational experience. One of the companies that have made a significant impact in the gaming industry is Sony, along with its brand: the Playstation. The Playstation was officially introduced in December in 1994 along with its first console under the same name. A console is an electronic medium or device used to connect the player to the game. In this case, the player is connected to the game using the Playstation console. The Playstation is known for using discs which carry the video game itself, and joysticks which are used by the player to enjoy the game. Under the brand name, Playstation has released 3 main consoles and 2 handheld consoles that have captivated the hearts of many and have offered a video gaming experience unlike any other. These consoles include: Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita which was released the latest in 2011.

The first console released was the Playstation, released in 1994 was Sony’s attempt at entering the video game market. This proved to be a successful business venture, as the Playstation managed to become the first video game console to sell 100 million units. The illustration shows the initial design of the console. Sony later released a smaller: ‘slim’ version of the console in 2000 which can be seen here. The functions are the same, just that the design is smaller and lighter. The Playstation became popular due to its incredible use of 3D graphics in order to immerse players in the digital world. Various gaming companies realized the potential of the console and sought to release various gaming titles which made the console even more popular. In addition to that, the method used to play these games were revolutionized with the unique joystick that was to be...
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