Marketing Environment of Tesco

Topics: Marketing, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Tesco Pages: 35 (8957 words) Published: June 16, 2011
Outcome 1

For this Outcome I was split into a small group of people within my class and was asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 minutes addressing the various elements of the marketing process and the benefits and costs of a marketing orientated business giving examples. (PowerPoint presentation attached and notes)

Overview/Reflection of Marketing Presentation

First of all, to be put in a group of individuals that I had never met or interacted with before was always going to be difficult. The process of getting to know them better and finding the strengths and weaknesses of each team member was hard at first but the more we worked on the presentation, the better we became at communicating and getting the work completed. I found working alongside international students very hard to interpret what they were saying; therefore it was increasingly difficult to get their suggestions and views on the marketing process and market orientation. However, some members of the group seemed more enthusiastic and therefore working on the presentation with them became very easy and we managed to find a lot of information (attached ‘Marketing Presentation notes’).

I felt more effort on my part and other individuals within the group could have helped the process of researching, and getting the presentation finished quicker and more efficiently. Improvements that could be made for the future would be to communicate more out of class either via email or meeting up. This would allow every member of our team to exchange work and information to eachother quickly so that we could all keep up to date on progress. When it came to deciding which order each of us would speak in class, there seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm with some individuals which created a slight unease between the group before we presented to the class our finished presentation.

Overall I felt the presentation went very well and the content we provided in the slides were very detailed and of good quality. The appearance of the presentation was very attractive and appealing to the audience as well. From the feedback sheets (attached) that were given to us as a group I felt that the criticisms we received were necessary and valid points that we could look at to provide better performances in the future. One of the points made was that we did not provide a clear introduction to each individual in our group to the audience which was not a good way to start off the presentation. Simply introducing the people in our group and explaining maybe what the presentation consisted of would be a better way to start off and would allow the audience to feel more at ease and in tune. Another issue raised was that more company examples would have helped within the presentation however the information we provided on ‘Tesco’ orientation was very clear and well thought out. Another point mentioned was that some individuals including myself did not interact with the audience much, by not using eye-contact and reading from paper that they were holding. A solution to this would have been to all memorised what we were going to say in the preparation for the presentation so that we could give positive eye contact and be more in tune with the audience throughout the presentation. The last criticism that our group received were that in some areas of the presentation we needed to be more clear and precise. The only way we could improve on this technique would be to practice speaking and explaining with large numbers of people to become more comfortable with speech. However, considering that some members of the group had not spoke to large numbers of people before, I thought the performance we gave was very good.

On a brighter note, our group received some very positive remarks from the feedback sheets. Good use of research, pictures, examples and explanations were recognised which made myself and the rest of the group feel credited. We managed to complete...
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