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Ford F-150 Truck

Linwood Freeman Sr.
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Ford F-150 3

The Company

Ford motor company is home base in Dearborn, Michigan, the company was founded Henry Ford and the first model car was “A” built in 1903. Today Ford employs 198 thousand employees in 90 automobile plants expanding across six continents. The company manufacture five automotive brands; Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo. Ford is management is made up of a board of directors, with William Clay Ford, Jr leading the way as Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board and Alan R. Mulally President and CEO; in 2009 Fords total sales and revenues came to over 118 millions dollars. Ford must compete with General Motor, Toyota and Chrysler for customer business. In this section we discuss the actors close to the Ford Company that affect its ability to serve its customers. We have already discussed the company in the previous paragraph, but let’s look key player of the management group; William Clay Ford, Jr who is the Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board has the overall responsibility to defining and setting the company objective and goal which is express in the Fords mission state “ONE Ford” which place the important of working together as one team. Next there is Joseph Bakaj is the Vice President of Ford Product Program and Product Development in which research and development (R & D) falls under. Research and development is responsible for accelerating the development of new vehicles (trucks for this paper) that customers will purchase. The second item is the suppliers, in many cases these are Fords partners, Cisco and Microsoft does not provide automotive parts but they supply software which runs the hand free and telecommunication systems provided in the Ford top of the line cars and trucks (One Ford 2009). For Fords cars and truck that comes with the new satellite radios, Ford has partnership with SIRIUS Satellite Radio Company which provides over 130 stations coast to coast many of them commercial free. SIRIUS digital signal is stronger that conventional radio signals so you always have a signal (SIRIUS Satellite Radio 2010. Now let’s look the companies that help Ford get their product to the customer, better known as marketing intermediaries. Ford F-150 4

Mike Shad and Mike Davison Ford are Ford retailers and their primary function is to sell Ford products directly to the consumers. Another marketing intermediary is Florida Time Union new paper which runs ads to promote the product and then there is CSX move the vehicles from the company to the retailers. In order for Ford gain strategic advantage of Dodge and General Motors (GM); Ford has created a four point plan of team work, balancing their financial picture and rebuilding their financing plans, developing new vehicles that the customer want and value and using their global resources. The fifth item we will discuss is the public, the public are groups that have interest in the company and could an effect on the company reaching its objective. One of the public’s that could affect Ford objectives in financial groups, if Bank of America raise it interest rates this could affect Fords ability to obtain funds or if the shareholder (general public) decides to sell of their stock all at once could call the company stock value to drop. Last in the line is the customer the bottom line purpose of Ford is to be best company at selling vehicles. Ford target customers in all five of the customer markets. The consumer market which provides goods and services for personal use, the reseller market which is the dealerships who sells the product for profit, business market like lawn care services, towing companies and rental car...
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