Character Analysis: The Great Gatsby

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Overview: Your team will create one PowerPoint presentation according to the instructions below. Each member of your team will contribute information and help the leader compile the information into one final presentation. Team assignment:

* Your team will select one of the following characters from The Great Gatsby: * Nick Carraway
* Jay Gatsby
* Daisy Buchanan
* Tom Buchanan
* Jordan Baker
* Myrtle Wilson
* George Wilson
* As a team, create a profile for that character as if he /she is a member of a modern day social networking site, such as Facebook or MySpace. * Your team's final presentation should be a PowerPoint presentation of 5-7 slides. Include at least three visuals and at least four of the following items: * A quotation that expresses the character's philosophy of life * A brief description of the character's family or friends. * A brief description of the time in which the character lives. * A brief description of the world in which the character lives. * A brief description of the character's conflicts or struggles. * Something interesting about the character.

As the week begins, join your team and do the following:
* Each team should select a leader.
* Each team member should participate fully.  Points will be based on both the amount of material posted and the quality of the work posted.  * Remember that short comments, such as “I will go along with what everyone wants to do,” may earn no points.  Offer significant material that advances the project. * Instead of listing websites, offer the information from that site along with the reference. * Do not just offer material that was cut-and-pasted from websites; instead, write the information in your own words, and cite your sources.   Note about visuals: Your team can create your own visuals, use clip art, or use items from the Internet. If you use Internet images in your...