Marketing Communication of Clarins

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Company Background
Clarins is a well known French cosmetics company specializing in skincare products and fragrances. Their target segment is widespread. On their official webpage’s beauty advice part, we’re not difficult to find that, from age 20, 30, 40, 50, even an expectant mother is also their target audience.

The Target Audience Profile
In this project, we focus to analysis Clarins “Shaping Facial Lift” product line. This is particular aimed at Asian women's facial contours product, such as China, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong etc. with age between 30 to 40 up women who want to firm up their overall skin. Especially the office ladies and professionals are willing to purchase costly skincare product as they concerned their image to be charming when they attend social events, meetings, clubbing. Thus, their income level should not less than 12,000 HK Dollars per month with secondary above education level. Also, they have great interest to concern their skin health, care own self image, can be easily segmented in part of the life-style of audience.

The Product’s Positioning Strategy
For this product, Clarins sets “Realize your dreams of the perfect V-shape contours” as their selling point which is the unique features. They claim that their product attribute can reduce your occasional puffiness, excess fluids in all-weather with more than 50 years of facial refining expertise and pioneering technology that Clarins does not launch before. On the other hand, it clearly specifying focus from age 30 to 40 up women who want to firm up all over to persuade them using or buying their products. It is effectively showing their product with “Product Attributes” and “Product User” as their product’s positioning strategy.

Public Relations Strategy
Clarins is having a effective public relations strategies in different ways.

Firstly, Clarins provides a week in special training seminar to internal stakeholder - new employees. Every employees are given chances to develop their potential and enhance professional skills, meet different departmental managers to create a common knowledge base including behaviors and values. In addition to post pertinent information on its intranet site, it has sent an e-newsletter monthly since 2009. Clarins holds presentation that discussing moral problems regularly and draws up ethics rules with another internal stakeholder - channal members. For all stakeholder, it made a movie to reiterate and emphasize brand commitments and intention of sustainable development.

Secondly, Clarins not only does fair trade with developing countries, but also takes into consideration the local economic, social and ecological environment. Besides, it develops community infrastructures and shares knowledge to local populations to improve their lives. 5% of some products such as HydraQuench range, their sales price is set aside to finance community projects within the farming or harvesting area. In 2008, the funds collected from the sale of these products made it possible to build a clean water network in the town of Morarano in Madagascar and built a school in the village of Vinh Kim in Vietnam.

In 1987, Clarins was the first French company to ban animal testing. After that, it banned the use of cellular extracts of animal origin beginning in 1991.

Moreover, Clarins selects packaging material based on its overall weight, volume and availability of recycling, reduces air freight by choosing plant-based extracts from plant grown locally, limits business travel by using video conferences instead, prefers renewable energy sources, encourages energy-saving lighting and heating units, reduces water use and improves the water-recycling process for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial waste is collected, sorted then systematically treated so that they are perfectly inoffensive for the environment. According to the results of a Carbon Study carried out in 2007, product packaging is the primary source...
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