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  • Published: June 5, 2013
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Understand the role of promotion within the marketing mix

Products and services of Apple
Product range
The product is at the heart of marketing exchange process. For this example we will take a 3D television , that Apple sells. If the 3D television does not deliver the benefits the customer wanted , or if it does not live up to the customer’s expectations, then this can be very costly for Apple

Apple offer a range of products. They are not restricted to one product , in fact , Apple sells for example , apple’s iPod range includes the shuffle , Nano , Classic and Touch. Apple sells a variety of these ranges. The total sum of all the products and variants offerd by Apple is a.k.a the product mix or range.

New products development, product and market trails

The term ‘ new product ‘ is not as clear-cut as it may sound. There are differing degrees of newness. At one extreme there could be a new pack size or color of an existing product, while at the other extreme it could be a ground-breaking innovation that has never been seen before. Apple makes their own products, and order some materials like plastic , to crate their product, the 3D television. There is an eight-stage framework that can guide the new product development process. 1.Ideas generation. Apple propose to make a Apple 3D television, and ideas are being put forward. 2.Idea screening. All ideas are reviewed and the ones least likely to succeed are removed so Apple can make a successful product. 3.Concept testing. Sketches and mock models of the 3D Television are produced. For example: Mediamarkt could come in to play. They could get these mock models, so Apple can create interest for Mediamarkt. Mediamarkt can conclude whether they order the product or not. 4.Business analysis. For both Apple and Mediamarkt. Preparing some forecasting sales and production figures. 5.Product development. Apple puts investment in the 3D television to produce the product. 6.Test marketing. (the 3D...
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