Apple & Creativity

Topics: Problem solving, Creativity, Innovation Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: April 8, 2013
1. 1. Consider the 4 approaches to creativity. What approaches has Apple relied upon? What alternative have others firms in the industry pursued? What other stoves could Apple implement? Apple is taking the following creativity approaches: imagination and investment.  1) Imagination: Apple is primarily focusing on innovation and flexibility; therefore, they are consider to be relying on the "imagination" approach, where the key is gear towards the transformation of ideas and experimentation. For example, Apple has innovated the iPod music player hand in hand with the first digital online downloading songs- iTunes. Whereas other competitors are achieving creativity through improvement. According to Jeff DeGraff, The concept of achieving creativity through imagination refers to creation of new ideas, breakthroughs, and radical approaches to problem solving. People who pursue creativity in this way tend to be experimenters, speculators, and entrepreneurs, and they define creativity as exploration, new product innovation, or developing unique visions of possibilities. When facing difficult problems, their approach is focused on coming up with revolutionary possibilities and unique solutions. That is to say, Apple is known to generate radically new ideas and products that created entirely new industries, which shows the charateristic of the Imagination creativity approach. 2) Investment: One of the creative approaches that Apple has utilized is the Investment approach, as they have been the “first” to establish their products into the market. Their main focus is on producing the best products and constantly inventing new ways to attain consumer satisfaction. Apple has created a new wave for achieving their goals through continuous product introduction. With every new product launched, they have witnessed an enormous amount of sales and recognition. For example, Apple was the first to create the computer network in 1984, while other companies followed only during the...
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