Marathon Running

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Anaerobic Stage
When we breath, our body combines the oxygen with fuel to produce energy, the source of fuel are food nutrients such as; protein, fat, carbohydrates, i.e. starch and sugar. The body’s most preferrred fuel for exercises, e .g. marathon running are; glucose and fat. This process breaks down glucose into lactic acid C3 O6 H3 and energy as follows: C5 H12 O6 2C3 H6 O3 + energy

Anaerobic respiration is a stage of cellular respiration that happens in the absence of oxygen. The first step is the breakdown of glucose in glycolysis. During this step glucose is broken down to two pyruvic acid molecules. The fate of pyruvic acid depends on whether there is oxygen available or not. In the absence of oxygen, pyruvic acid continues the anaerobic respiration pathway and is converted into lactic acid. Only six ATP molecules are made during the anaerobic utilization of glucose. In addition, lacticacid cannot be converted back to pyruvic acid without oxygen, so it is accumulated into the muscle during anaerobic exercise. STRUCTURE OF GLUCOSE

Aerobic Respiration
During this process glucose combines with oxygen to form energy as follows: C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy
Aerobic respiration is a stage of cellular respiration that requires oxygen. When oxygen is present the pyruvic acid molecules enter the citric acid cycle as acetyl coenzyme A. This is also how fatty acids enter the citric acid cycle. During the citric acid cycle, the acetyl coenzyme A molecules are converted into carbon dioxide and water. The final step of aerobic cellular respiration is the electron transport system during which ATP molecules are charged with energy. At the end of aerobic respiration glucose is utilized completely and 36 ATP molecules are produced. Respiration During Exercise

Your muscles can only store small amounts of ATP so they must continually remake it. Whether your muscles are using the...
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