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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Cleaning and Polishing Hard Gelatin Capsules
1. Salt Polishing- NaCl
2. Cloth Dusting- The capsules after the filling operation are rubbed with cloth. This gives shine to the capsules along with elimination of the materials that are tough to remove. 3. Brushing- This is done with the help of brushes and generally vacuum is employed inorder to remove the dust. 4. Pan Polishing- Acela-cota pan

1. Pan polishing: Accelacota coating pan is generally employed for this process. In order to eliminate the dust and to give shining, a cheese cloth liner is used.

Types of Gelatin Blends used in the production of hard and soft gelatin capsule:

Limed bone- Blends of limed bone and Pigskin (LB/PS); used in pharmaceutical or in health and nutrition products Limed Ossein- is used in the manufacture of gelatin.
Sorbitol/Sorbitan/Glycerol Blend- They enhance the capsule finish gloss for a premium appearance, help to prevent leakage, provide consistent pharmaceutical quality and extend shelf-life by maintaining a proper moisture balance within the capsule shell. Bovine and porcine blend- poultry gelatin is a potential alternative to the conventional soft capsule gelatins High-Bloom- low-viscosity pigskin or acid bone gelatin to reduce the initial water content in the capsule shell and accelerate the drying process;

Substitute Material for Animal gelatin in the production of hard gelatin capsules:

Combination of iota carrageenan (12–24% w/w of dry shell) and modified starch, namely Hydroxypropyl starch (30–60% w/w of dry shell), as a gelatin substitute. Both components are accepted as food additives with numbers, thus allowing their use in health and nutrition products. Hydroxypropyl starch is also approved as a pharmaceutical excipient.

The formation of soft capsules from a Potato starch (45–80% w/w), with a specific molecular weight distribution and amylopectin content, together with a conventional plasticizer such as glycerol ( 12% w/w), a glidant...
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