Dna and Its Advancements

Topics: DNA, DNA profiling, National DNA database Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: January 4, 2013
The amazing advances in health science, DNA is transforming the way in which criminal investigations and trials are carried out. DNA evidence and its importance can rest on a single fact: Every individual's DNA is unique. A person's DNA profile can be used similar to a fingerprint to link suspects to crime scenes and its victims. DNA profiling—which is also called DNA fingerprinting or even DNA typing—has been responsible for overturning verdicts and saving innocent people from execution. The process is complicated and controversial. Nevertheless, it has earned itself an important place courtroom proceeding, and the science behind it is enough that it is likely to play a major role in the future. DNA technology and research makes it possible the study human genetic material. Previous methods using blood groups and proteins have also analyzed gene products, rather than DNA itself. Also has been providing more direct genetic information, DNA that I discovered can even withstand environmental conditions that destroy proteins, which means the horrible degraded samples of bodily fluids still can provide abundant information The prevention of contamination is of vital importance in DNA testing at all stages of an investigation. Example of steps for collection I found is as follows; A. Collect the entire stained item and package in paper or a cardboard box. This is not for extremely large items, such as furniture or large pieces of rugs/carpets. B. Cut out a piece of the item with the stain for items that can be cut, such as cloth, carpeting and bedding. C. Swab the stain off the item using the minimum number of swabs necessary to collect all the stain or at least one well-coated swab. Proper technique is as follows: 1. Use a sterile swab lightly moistened with water (preferably deionized or bottled water though tap water may be used). Shake off any excess water away from the evidence. 2. Swab the suspected stain gently but with enough pressure to collect the cellular...
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