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Topics: Myocardial infarction, Finger, Hand Pages: 3 (505 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Chapters 11-20
1.) What is the medical procedure I&D ?
A) Incision & dilatation
B) inward & downward
C) Irrigation & dressing
D) Incision and drainage

2.) When prepping a pt for a sterile procedure, how do you clean the “site” ? A) Alcohol prep pad
B) Pour iodine/betadine onto a 4X4 gauze and clean in a circular motion inward to outward C) No cleaning is needed
D) Pour iodine/betadine over the “site”

3.) What category does CLIA test fall into?
A) Waived complexity
B) Moderate complexity
C) High complexity
D) All the above
4) The FDA oversees
A) Evaluation of medical equipment B) disposal of biohazard waste C) Disposal of chemical waste D) evaluation of PPE

5) The leading cause of UTI’s is
A) ClothingB) E.Coli.
C) Poor personal hygiene D) Staphylococcus

6) Without compromising the results, a urinalysis specimen may be refrigerated for up to A) 6 Hours B) 8 hours
C) 4 hours D) 24 hours
7) Normal glucose range for an adult is
A) 60-90B) 70-110
C) 90-140D) 30-70

8) The preferred site for a finger stick is the
A) thumbB) index finger
C) little or pinkie finger D) middle finger

9) which of the following structures contains nephrons?
A) UretersB) Kidneys
C) Urinary bladder D) Urethra

10) Normal urine has a
A) Faint, characteristic odorB) strong ammonia odor
C) yellow brown color D) tea color

11) Which of the following is a radiation shield?
A) full apronsB) eye shield
C) thyroid shield D) All the above

12) A mammogram is a radiographic image of
A) breast tissue B) lumps
C) breast density D) none of the above

13) Asystole means
A) slow heart rate B) fast heart rate
C) no heart rate D) electrical activity

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