Manipulation in 30 Seconds

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Mind Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Niema Apiat
November 2, 2012
Dedra Hall
AP Lang/Comp.

Manipulation in 30 Seconds

Fabrication, manipulation, and exploitation are the key motivations in the Advertising Industry. Everyday, buyers are more exposed to advertisements. Advertisements are located in magazines, billboards, radio, and it's most popular form, television. One cannot go anywhere without seeing a piece of advertising. Advertising is ubiquitous. There is always an impression imprinted in our minds after a commercial or other form. Through the fabrication of information to seduce a consumer into buying a product, the manipulation of language to further more suggest that consumers by their product, and the exploitation of one's daily life to take that opportunity and convince them of buying a product, advertising has taken it's course in creating an environment where everyone can be manipulated without one even having to think about it. 

The media has developed the strategy of over-talking a product into making it sound better than it actually is. Products are said to be better than a leading generic brand. Then the consumer will buy that product thinking that it performs better than it actually may. Through the fabrication of the abilities of products, more products are sold, but with the cost of the chance of misleading the buyer. "Through advertising, people sometimes buy products that they may not need and often cannot afford. This leads to a higher personal debt." (English). The general motto for the advertising industry is that, the more details you add in, the more effect it has towards the buyer, and therefore more of a chance to buy. With this fabrication, consumers are misled and lied to. 

Advertisements are placed so obviously as to allow the viewer to see/hear the ad. Those for the publication of advertising say that without  this use of displaying an ad, that marketers would not make as much money and decrease sale. In fact, that is correct, but the motivations for...
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